Thursday, 20 August 2015

Stuff and Things

My parents will be here in about an hour.  The Moose just went to pick them up from the airport.  They are here for 10 days.  I am sooo looking forward to getting some sleep, since I will pretty much only be needed for feeding Bubs for the next 10 days.  And even that is only assuming they don't find the frozen breast milk or the bottles and decide to go it themselves (they won't, I am joking here). 

Poor poor Moose.  I got a bit violent with him last night and gave him one hell of a fright.  I got Bubs down to sleep, and was trying to get to sleep myself (and failing miserably) when he came to bed and turned on the light.  Which was just enough to nudge Bubs slowly awake, so by the time he turned the light off, she was up and squacking.  He of course was sound asleep.  So I gave him one hell of a nudge and a yell when my not so subtle sighs didn't get his attention.  It took forever to get Bubs back to sleep, since she just wanted to comfort suck and would wake as soon as I moved her (she got her jabs that day).  So in the end I just put her back in the bassinet and decided to clean the shower drain and the cat box.  I was secretly hoping she would wake up screaming and wake the Moose.  If I can't sleep, why should he??  But Bubs stayed asleep.  At least I got a nice long shower and a chance to shave my legs.  Even if I got to sleep only an hour before Bub's next feeding.  And then for two hours after that. 

So with all my frantic cleaning, I have stuffed my back as well.  Sigh. 

Bubs is waking up, so I need to put another log on the fire and change her into a cute outfit to meet her grandparents.  And maybe I can get the laundry hung if she feeds quickly.

Also, how many times do you have to not so subtly mention chocolate before a Moose will go to the store to get some for a poor Tig??  Sigh.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Whoop whoop boo

Bubs is sound asleep in the bassinet.  Instead of getting anything checked off my to do list, I thought I would hop on and have a winge.  Turns out it may have been the right choice.  Bubs is starting to stir so I probably wouldn't get anything done anyway!! of last week, my small little town is a part of a whooping cough outbreak.  Bubs and I are undergoing self-imposed quarantine.  Well, Bubs is, and by necessity I am, though I can go out to the shops when the Moose is home.  I got my vaccine at 28 weeks 1 day preggers, and Bubs got her 6 week vaccines before we left the NICU (at 5 and a half weeks gestation), and she gets her three month vaccines next week.  But I don't want to chance it.  She won't be fully protected yet.  And so I put a message on facebook saying please no visitors.  And people have been pretty supportive, which is cool.

I am all for immunizing.  I personally believe it is very important, not only for the health of my bubby but for that of the community at large, and to protect those who absolutely can not be immunized due to medical reasons.  While I absolutely believe parents have a right to choose not to immunize their children, I believe they also have a responsibility to the community and to their families, and I believe they should do their research and really run a risk analysis on it.  There is a lot of bogus science out there, and they should look beyond what celebrities and discredited doctors say.  And if they still choose not to immunize their children, well, that is their decision but with it comes some repercussions, like their children being unable to attend school during an outbreak and being at a higher risk of catching a serious disease or passing it on to someone who, for medical reasons, can't be immunized and has no choice in the matter.

I am not a germaphobe.  I hardly ever get sick.  Honestly I hope Bub's follows after me and has a really robust immune system.  But perhaps not so robust that it attacks every kind of pollen that comes its way.   But either way, until this whooping cough outbreak runs its course, Bubs is stuck at home.  And mostly I am too.  Good thing I have a massive to do list to get ready for my parents visit in a week.  And they have both been immunized recently.

Here is Bub's chatting away to her elephant.  Well, grunting is more like it.  It was, in fact, a day of multiple Poonamis, hence the peaceful grunting to the elephant.  Anyway, she is 11 weeks here (3 corrected) and 6lbs!!  And she can grab that elephant, but can't pull it to her mouth, which she tries like hell to do.  Mostly she just ends up batting the elephant around.  And the other day she discovered that she can reach up and grab Mommy's lower lip.  I think it was her hint for me to shut up.