Monday, 14 November 2016


The 7.5 earthquake last night didn't affect us.  I felt a slight rolling sensation, lifted my head off the pillow thinking "hmmm...earthquake?" but hearing nothing rattling or banging or moving I put my head back down and chucked it up to pregnancy dizziness (is that a thing?), lack of sleep, or a day of coffee drinking.  An hour later the tom cat pissing in the house came in, I chased him out, and half an hour after that Bubs was up. 

I haven't been sleeping well lately.  Since a wicked tummy bug had me puking my guts out two weeks ago, I have found that I just cannot fall asleep before 2am.  And last night Bubs couldn't sleep either.  Today she has a new molar peeking through.  She wasn't fussy...she just wasn't sleeping.  I could post a whole other lot of stuff, but I am trying to get some baking done while Bubs is "enjoying" a few hours at daycare. 

Just wanted to say we are fine :)