Monday, 14 November 2016


The 7.5 earthquake last night didn't affect us.  I felt a slight rolling sensation, lifted my head off the pillow thinking "hmmm...earthquake?" but hearing nothing rattling or banging or moving I put my head back down and chucked it up to pregnancy dizziness (is that a thing?), lack of sleep, or a day of coffee drinking.  An hour later the tom cat pissing in the house came in, I chased him out, and half an hour after that Bubs was up. 

I haven't been sleeping well lately.  Since a wicked tummy bug had me puking my guts out two weeks ago, I have found that I just cannot fall asleep before 2am.  And last night Bubs couldn't sleep either.  Today she has a new molar peeking through.  She wasn't fussy...she just wasn't sleeping.  I could post a whole other lot of stuff, but I am trying to get some baking done while Bubs is "enjoying" a few hours at daycare. 

Just wanted to say we are fine :)


  1. Glad the earthquake didn't affect you. I have only experienced one earthquake (a very tiny one, in Greece). I was sitting in a car waiting for someone and the car shook as if a big truck had sped by it. Except there was no truck so I thought that was kind of weird. But I didn't know what it was until I was told! Sleep disturbances are the worst. I wonder if something in your body and Bubs picked up on the coming earthquake? They say animals always know....maybe we can know on some level too.

    1. I've been in a few strong ones before, and those are a bit scary. The weaker ones that just manage to rattle the dishes don't bother me so much. They do say animals can pick up on the S-waves (I think it is S-waves...if not it would be the other, the P-waves), so maybe the cats at least were on to something! I blame my insomnia on being sick for most of the past two months, on Bubs and her continual teething (seriously, are they always teething??), and on the cats and their dramas. And on the election in the US and all other anxiety-inducing things! Also, I think we need a new mattress- ours is like sleeping on did I not feel that before? Sorry so slow to respond- I forgot that I had posted anything until tonight when blogger changed my dashboard thingy!