All About My Ute and What It Gets Up To In Its Spare Time

The lowdown, to be updated as needed.

We tried lots of timed intercourse, preseed, and BBT charting, and got only early losses.  After losing the weight I needed to lose to get a publicly funded referral to the RE, we fell pregnant and it stuck.  An uneventful first and second trimester were too good to be true, and sure enough the third trimester brought pre-eclampsia and an emergency c-section at 32 weeks.  After 6 weeks in the NICU, our little girl came home!

TTC Timeline:


March or April: Stop taking the pill.  Didn't chuck it out though, because I am sure I can pop out a kid before they expire.  Not that I checked to see when they expire...
Also went to see the doc for a pre-conception check up.  Got told I should probably lose a few pounds.  I agree.  Got first ever flu shot.  Still haven't had the flu since 2003.

Late May:  Period is 4 days late, super super sensitive sniffer, burny itchy boobs, but can't turn a cheap supermarket peestick positive.  Maybe a chemical pregnancy, maybe I am crazy.

June:  Gain flatmate.  Stop having sex so often.

August:  Visit family in the US for three weeks, during which time I gain back all the weight I lost with interest.  Damn you cheap beer.

November:  Flatmate goes back to France.  Sexy times resume.


 March: Back to the doctor for really really bad pelvic pain.  Discuss what I would need to do to get a publicly funded referral to an RE, as I am clearly not yet pregnant.  Possible cyst felt on ovary during exam.  On waiting list for trans-vag ultrasound.

April:  First-ever wanding reveals no cysts anywhere, a beautiful follicle and good lining.  Pain is mostly gone and possibly a "rumbling appendix" or "bowel issue".  Wonder if I should mention that ulcerative colitis runs in the family...also now thinking my appendix is up to no good.  Start couch to 5k program during harvest, though not faithfully.

May:  Decide to start charting.  Also order Pre-seed as this fertile cervical mucous seems rather elusive.  Decide Pre-seed is best thing ever.  Continue couch to 5k program.

early June:  Easily confused and tired, feel "off".  Decide to test on 11dpo.  BFP on FRER, but it is faint.  Happy dance of victory, start looking at baby stuff online and debating when to tell the family.  Boobs get itchy burny, am tired all the time and existing in a brain fog.  Still faint a few days later.  Make doc appointment.  Beta is 6.  Officially chemical pregnancy #1.  As it is early the doc is or at least pretends to be hopeful, but my symptoms are gone and I start bleeding.  A LOT.  For four very painful days.  Decide to lose the weight and start really jogging.

July:  Very painful period.  Go to doc to complain.  Get drugs and referral to see gyno, but the gyno doesn't want to see me unless I pay out of pocket.  I figure I will get it sorted when I lose the weight and get my referral for the RE, so I don't bother.  I've got the pain pills.  If this is endo it can suck it.

October:  A very beautiful chart leads me to pee on several internet cheapies which turn up negative.  A FRER on 14dpo is faint.  Less faint on 15dpo.  Gone on 16dpo.  Start bleeding that night.  Go to doc the next day.  Chemical pregnancy #2.  Doesn't get recorded as such because Beta is only 2 since I waited til Monday to go to the doc and had already been bleeding for a day!  But I've lost enough weight to get my referral publicly funded with a dietitian's sign off.  Need to get day 21 blood draw later this cycle, and then I will be on the waiting list.  Movin' on up.

November:  SA proves the Moose is normal.  Odd sort of bbt chart, with low post-o temps that shoot up on 7dpo.  Day 21 progesterone is 72.  10dpo clear bfp on a FRER.  Beta at 12dpo is 30.  Darker bfp at 14dpo!  Beta at 16dpo is 650!  Doubling time is 24 hours!!  Woot woot!

End of November:  Ultrasound reveals a tiny bubs measuring on time with a heartbeat of 104 per minute.  Due date is July 20th, which happens to be not only the Moose's birthday, but also my mom's!  

December:  Booked with midwife!  BP is 105/65, weight is 85kg.  (86 pre-pregnancy, lost 6 kilos in week 3, gained back 5 in week 4...go figure).

Pregnancy Notes:

12 weeks: BP is 120/65, weight is still 85kg.  FHR is 160.

13 weeks:  First trimester combined screening shows low risk of Down's syndrome and other conditions.  For those curious, free HCG is 1.91 MoM and PAPP-A is 0.54 MoM.  Otherwise bubs is measuring spot on for growth and is wiggly!

16 weeks:  BP is 130/75, weight is up to 87kg.  FHR is 155.  Uterus measures at 16 weeks.

19 week ultrasound:  We are having a girl!!  But she is measuring small.  Within normal parameters, but only by a couple of days.

20 weeks:  BP is 130/75, weight is up to 89kg.  FHR is 138-145.  Ute is measuring 20 weeks.

24 weeks:  BP is 120/70, weight is up to 90kg.  FHR is 156.  Ute is uncooperative and may be measuring back at 20 weeks, but the midwife is uncertain.  Ultrasound reveals bubs is still measuring small but has grown appropriately in both head and abdominal circumference.  Also, first pregnancy puke after lying on back for 30 minutes for ultrasound. 

28 weeks:  BP is 130/80, weight is 91kg.  FHR is 145-450.  Ute is measuring 26 weeks.  SGA gets noted, and I am sent off for blood tests.  Pass liver, kidney function and platelet tests, fail glucose challenge.  Later pass Glucose Tolerance Test (yay!).  Immunized against flu and whooping cough.  Resisted urge to call whooping cough shot whooping crane shot.  It will always be pertussis to me. 

30 weeks: BP is 150/100 on third (and lowest) attempt, weight is 92kg.  FHR is 140-150 (was 127 at ultrasound).  Ute is measuring 27 weeks, bubs is averaging 28 weeks and is growing consistently.  More blood tests and a referral to the specialist courtesy blood pressure and small bubs.  Urine is clean and swelling is minimal.  Put on labetalol.

30 weeks 3 days: urine has been hiding protein.  Sent to hospital 3.5 hours away for monitoring.  Put on higher dosage of labetalol and fluid restrictions and released 4 days later as urine becomes free of protein and BP is under control with drugs..  Will be monitored by midwife twice a week.  And bed rest.  Well, unfit to work anyway.

31 weeks:  BP 135/90, Bubs doing well on CTG.   Urine and blood taken, results fine.

32 weeks:  Sudden weight gain of 2-3kgs overnight plus visual disturbances.  Midwife appointment shows BP is up (150/100 then 160/100) and protein of 2+ in urine.  Back to hospital in snow storm.

32 weeks, 1 day:  Ultrasound shows bubs has stopped growing.  C-section scheduled for the next day.  A headache plus worsening blood tests move c-section up to that night.  At 9:42pm Bubs is born and taken to NICU.  She is on C-PAP for 6 hours and then breathes without any help!  I endure 24 hours of magnesium sulfate hell.

3 Days Postpartum:  Bubs has a set back when her tummy can't tolerate breast milk (NG tube) and she goes 24 hours with only TPN through a PICC line.  It thankfully is not an infection and she is back to milk the next day!

8 Days Postpartum:  My BP is under control with labetalol and I am discharged.  I move into NICU.

5 Weeks 6 Days Postpartum:  We are discharged from NICU.  Bubs is fully breastfeeding and weighing just over 2kg.

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