Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Big Questions

The first and most difficult to answer:  What am I going to do about this blog?

I am not sure yet.  I don't really want to mommy blog.  Mostly I am concerned and confused as regards what I should do for Bub's privacy.  It is probably fine if I blog about her as a baby, but as a teenager?  Perhaps not so much.  And when does it stop?  When she is two?  Four?  Starts school?  How do you know?  I don't mind airing my thoughts to the world, but I don't want to expose her.  I am having similar thoughts regarding facebook.  I have been posting heaps of pictures of her for my family back home, but I don't want to continue to do that.  So I am thinking about these issues and trying to come up with something.

I still want to blog, but I am not sure what I want to blog about.  Or where I want to blog.

I have some thoughts about starting a fitness blog, and trying to whip my ass into shape.  It would certainly help me be accountable, but I doubt anyone would want to read it.  But maybe that isn't the point.  And it will be a new blog, because this blog had a different purpose.  Which sort of leads into the next difficult question.

Will we try for another Bubs?

Of course this is something on my mind, and something that I have been waffling on.  Immediately after Bubs arrived, I thought hell no!  I can not do this again!  I was terrified of labor, terrified of a c-section, which of course is ridiculous since I had JUST HAD a c-section!  Now I am thinking perhaps Bubs needs a little brother or sister. 

Medical advice ranges from "wait 18 months before trying" to "wait one year and get a consult first" to "oh, you can wait 6 months".  This from doctors and midwives.  Fun stuff.  Reasons for a longer wait are to avoid the small chance of uterine rupture from c-section scar and reduce the already increased risk of a repeat pre-eclampsia pregnancy (my odds of this are about 25%).  Reasons for the shorter wait??  No idea.  I think that doctor was a bit nutty.  And in a subsequent pregnancy I will get the low does aspirin and calcium supplements, which should halve my 25% chance.

Regardless, Irish twins are out of the question.  I am on the mini-pill to prevent this.  Unfortunately, I can't remember to take the bloody thing, which I need to do at the same time every day.  I can't take the combined pill without risking my milk supply.  So we need to be careful.

All that, of course, supposing I can get pregnant again.  But thing is, I think I can.  The question is just will it stick or end in miscarriage.  And is the Moose wanting to add to the family.  I think he is torn.  Pre-eclampsia scared the shit out of him, and he really, really doesn't want to go through with that again.  But I think he would like another.  But in time.  But not too long, because he is getting older.  As am I.  If we try again, I will be advanced maternal age.

So...I think in time, if we decide to try again, I will return to this blog for that purpose. 

This isn't a goodbye to Tiggy's Den.  Not yet.  I still have some things I want to blog about, I think.  And I am still going to keep reading the blogs I follow regardless.  When I decide what I want to do, I will write a post about it.  But for now, I think my posts will be few and far between.  But I will still be reading, and commenting and lurking! 


  1. That's a lot of big questions! I wonder about the same things re: privacy. I agree that as the child gets older, it seems less OK to share a lot. I can think of good reasons to share nothing at all ever but at the same time it's fun as a parent to compare notes. The second child questions are so fraught, and as a subfertile person it's just more confusing because you are wondering "but is it even possible." I think if the blog is meant to serve a purpose for you then you will find it. I feel like mine helps me to work through things. I tend to think a lot, maybe too much and having a venue to put at least some of the thoughts out there helps me stay in touch with reality somehow. :-)

    1. I feel the exact same on all these points! It is definitely fun to compare, and I do tend to think a lot (or daydream), and I often put the things that are happening in my life into a narration in my head. It doesn't always translate on paper, especially since I am usually writing something hours/days/weeks after it happened, but it definitely helps to work through things. Its just hard to know, and I think about Bubs as she gets older...I am also thinking about leaving facebook, but mostly because I am sick and tired of all the political rhetoric and name calling being flung around through various memes that don't actually discuss the issues at all and simply serve to lower the tone. So I have lots of thinking to do about what I want to do, and what is best for myself and family.

    2. Ha. I have THE SAME ISSUES with Facebook. I am so tired of the memes and name calling and "politics" (which mostly just feels like groupthink to me, regardless of the actual positions. I'm open to discussion of almost anything, but it rarely feels that way!)