Monday, 30 May 2016

lunch time update

Just a quick update while Bubs finishes up her lunch (she is feeding herself all of a sudden- banana and toasted sandwich fingers will soon be on the floor).

I am not preggers.  Totally convinced myself that I was.  7dpo- implantation dip, 8dpo- start of triphasic pattern, 9dpo- odd one of low temp, 10dpo- another low temp and wtf is that??  My period???  WTF?  I have a 14 day luteal phase.  Sometimes 13 days.  Apparently not this time round.  Although the bleeding cleared at 12dpo, it started up again the next day.  So the burny nips and nausea I had must have been in my head as there was nary a faint line to be seen on any of the 3 FRERS I peed on.  Well, I swore I saw a line, but honestly, I am pretty sure I didn't. 

In other news, my Bubs Diet is working.  That is when you pretty much only eat what the toddler refuses during the day, and just a small breakfast and dinner (whatever can be eaten in the time it takes Bubs to empty her sippy cup and dump her food on the floor and decide she is done).  I am down about 6 kilos.  So yay. 

Today I am going to quit my job.  Double yay!  I don't do much, and I want to do even less, and it has been stressing me out and causing undue anxiety so I am done.  Just gotta go tell the boss. 

Lunch is finished.  Ta ta for now. 

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  1. Sorry to hear your cycle messed with your head. I can't imagine how that feels at all. Glad to hear you are moving on from a job that was dragging you down: that takes guts.