Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Happy New Year blah blah going to sleep now bye

I have three posts that I am writing in my head and just can't seem to get around to writing.  Not doing it now because sleep.  But they are coming.  Soon.  I hope. 

Meanwhile here is a cute Bubs from the past few months.

My Halloween Octo-bubby.  I spent ages making those tentacles out of cut up pants that no longer fit.

 Christmas Bubs...

And finally the "not so keen on selfies" Bubs from a hike with her mama.

Ok...sleep now for me.  Adios.


  1. Aw, thanks for sharing! so adorable. The octopus costume made out of outgrown clothes is brilliant LOL!
    Happy new year. I almost posted a comment on your other blog and then I was interrupted and it never happened.

    1. That costume took all day to do between feedings and nappies and naps...I can't even imagine trying to do that now that Bubs has discovered how to play!!

      Ha ha, I sometimes write comments in my head and intend to come back and do it and totally forget. Or get half way through writing a comment only to have Bubs crack the shits and have a total "pay some attention to me" meltdown and then it never gets finished...or it gets cut short.