Saturday, 20 February 2016


It has been awhile.

Things were a bit rough here, but I think they are getting better.  I will get into that later.  First the good stuff.

So a (not so) quick update on the Bubs.
  • She will be 9 months next week and is up to 13 1/2 lbs!  She is in percentiles.  Like for her actual age.  Just touching the bottom, but still.  Actually, she was there last well child appointment, which must have been in December or late November, but I don't think I mentioned that.
  • She can sit on her own but not for too long without crashing.  This is usually followed by crying.  She still hates tummy time.  I am doing everything I can think of to make it more enjoyable for her, but she just gets fed up and rolls over onto her back and cries, or gets stuck on her tummy and cries.  She gets visits from a physiotherapist to check on her development, and at the moment there are no concerns.  She isn't hitting milestones early, but she isn't expected to.
  • She is eating solid food now.  She frequently makes a face indicating it is the most awful thing to ever get put in her mouth, but she eventually relaxes and even enjoys it.  Or makes these feral noises at me indicating she is bored.  Then I have to sing to her.  Dinner theatre. 
  • She is very serious around 99% of all people on the planet (excepting myself and the Moose of course), but yesterday she smiled at a stranger going to the neighbor's house, and without the lady even talking to her or looking at her for that matter.  She has a hilarious set of laughs.  One is like a squack-y bird, another is a Beavis and Butthead sort of he-he he-he he-he and another is a cute little Muttley laugh.  Things that make her laugh- shadow puppets, her daddy making a monkey sound, the washing the dishes song, any sneeze or hiccup done by someone other than her and games of peek (like peekaboo but without the aboo and done in a very high pitch voice).
  • She loves her jolly jumper, being upright, playing with her spoons, my water bottle (the cap is too tight for her to get off- I can't even do it half the time so no fear of choking on it), the cats, and kicking and splashing in the bath.
  • Sleep.  She hates it.  HATES IT.  I have been very reluctantly co-sleeping for awhile now because it is the only way I can get more than 2 hours in a row.  Our routines are all over the show and my attempts to stick to them get completely overturned by this little sleep-hating demon child.  We do bath, breast feed to sleep, put in cot, wake up instantly, feed again to sleep, put in cot, sleep one hour, wake up, cuddle or feed to sleep, put in cot, sleep 2-3 hours (until 2 am give or take 30 minutes), feed to sleep, put in cot, wake up instantly, throw hands in air and co-sleep and hope I don't smother her or lose her in the pillows.  Every night.  Basically she sleeps 7-8 hours and that time includes being up for any feeds over night.  Naps aren't much better.  They range from one hour to three hours and are generally taken after a feed on the couch.  I then pass out next to her until she wakes up (lately she has had unsettled naps where she is up every 10-20 minutes).  I have tried sleep training- she screamed until she could hardly breathe and sobbed for over an hour after I caved and fed her to sleep.  Sleep training does not work for us.  In fact, I don't think anything will work for us.  We are doomed to this sleep routine.  I need a time machine so I can go back in time and kick my past self in the ass for always feeding her to sleep.  On the bright side, I am not alone.  Every blogger I follow with a baby around Bub's age is having the same sort of problems.  Therefore I conclude it has nothing to do with me or our bedtime routine and has everything to do with the fact that babies do not want us to sleep.  When Bubs is a teenager and wants to sleep in all the time, guess who is going to be getting sweet revenge??  That's right.  This girl.
  • As revenge is a dish best served upon teenagers, when Bubs reaches that age and her friends come around and they decide to go somewhere, I am going to throw myself at her and start screaming.  In fact, I think I will do it every time she goes to the loo or otherwise moves out of my line of sight.  Or maybe just moves more than a foot away.  
 Other things:
  • The cats are doing fine.  They are getting used to Bubs although they are not overly drawn to her.  Every time she starts to cry or fuss loudly Toffs leaves the house.  Cleo doesn't care and will tolerate Bubs "petting" her but she doesn't approach her.  Cleo sleeps in her cot but only during the day when Bubs isn't in there, and Toffs hasn't ventured into it yet.  
  • Work is frustrating, but I am still just working part time from home and even then I tend to shirk my duties a bit more than I should.  I am just over it I guess.  Ugh.  The plan is still for me to go back to work when Bubs turns 2, but money is getting tight.  We pay off the mortgage in July and that should ease things up for us a bit.  However we are thinking about moving though to a house with a bigger section which would most likely mean taking out a new albeit small mortgage.  It would be nice to have space for Bubs to run around and play outside.  

The struggles.
   First of all sleep.  For awhile I was lucky to be getting four hours a night.  We went through a phase where Bubs was up every 2 hours for anywhere from half an hour to just over an hour.  That was rough.  She can't seem to resettle herself very often, and is suddenly wide awake with a really cheeky smile ready to play.  Not fun at 2 am and again at 4 am and again at 6 am when I finally give up on the thought of getting any sleep.  Oh yeah, and this is after fighting bedtime and staying up until 11 or even sometimes midnight.  Anyway, she seems to be doing a little better now but the lack of sleep has been taking a toll on me.  And a month ago I hit a patch of insomnia and that made everything hideous.
   I've been so tired I can't concentrate, I can barely function, and I have little to no patience.  There have been nights when I have wanted to put my head through the wall.  Nights when I just cry because she won't sleep.  I was concerned for awhile that I might be developing some depression issues, but then things got better.  It is something I still watch out for and if things get bad I will go see my doc.  Sometimes it is hard to tell between what is normal day to day stuff and what is more serious.  Right now I am mostly good, and the bad days I have are fewer.  I think things are getting better.
   Which brings me to the Moose.  I know he is working hard to support us, but there have been days when I just want to smack him one or give him a good yell.  Days when he comes home and falls asleep on the sofa, leaving me to cook and entertain an inevitably grumpy bubby.  Days when it seems he would rather spend hours on his kindle than any time with his daughter.  I get that he needs to unwind and relax after a hard day at work, and it is a hard day's work in the vineyards, but I always feel like I owe him one when I ask for help, and I have started to resent that, and to resent him.  There have been days when I wonder if our marriage will survive this.  I think it will, but during those times, I really do wonder.  And...
   By the time we came back from the NICU (6 weeks after Bubs was born) I was ready to resume sexy times (I was on the pill).  For whatever reason, the Moose wasn't.  I took that rejection a bit hard I think, and in turn all sexy times have pretty much come to an end except an obligatory once a month bonk (once every 6 weeks??).  It sucks.  So...
   Because I am sleep deprived and stressed, I have been binge eating again.  My exercises and daily walks have dwindled away.  I have put on more weight, none of my clothes fit right, and I am tired and sore all the time.  I hate it.  Which makes me feel like a whale.  Which puts me out of the mood for sexy times and makes me more resentful towards the Moose, which makes me want to bake a cake and eat half of it.  Arg.
   But things are getting better.  The Moose is getting better at helping out, I am getting better at not bitching at him, Bubs is...well...not getting better with sleep and teething must be just around the corner so that will be fun, but it won't last forever.  That has become my new mantra really.  It is just a phase.  All babies do this sort of stuff.  It won't last forever.  One day you will get to sleep again.
   I went off the pill.  I had to.  I couldn't remember to take the damned thing and since it was the mini-pill every time I forgot to take it I got my damned period.  And I am still bitter about getting it 7 weeks postpartum while exclusively breast feeding.  Anyway, with the lack of much physical intimacy and a few ancient but not yet expired condoms, we have so far been avoiding any possible baby making sex.  The Moose doesn't want a second child.  He hasn't said it, but I am pretty sure that is the case.  I (mostly) want a second child.  And if we are going to have a second child, I want to start trying when Bubs turns one year old.  There are some issues there and I was going to write about it, but I have now wasted about 2 hours when I could have been sleeping or having a shower and I know I will regret it tomorrow.  So I will save that one for another day.

I just want to say that while this has been the hardest thing I have ever done, it has been completely worth it and I do not regret it nor would I change a thing.  The above ranting and rambling was to de-clutter my muddled brain.  Things may have been rough the past few months, but we are coping and we will get through this phase.  


  1. Parenthood is a huge life change, and it totally doesn't help when you try to do it without enough sleep. You're dealing with a lot of challenges and the frustration and moodiness sounds totally normal. I'm glad that things seem to be getting better, especially since I don't have any great advice....sorry!! Well, I guess after reading this the one thing I would say to prioritize, other than sleep, is communication and connection with the Moose. It sounds like parenthood has put a lot of strain on your relationship and I think it's important to acknowledge and work through that, and bring back sexy times too. :-) hang in there, thanks for updating! Bubs sounds adorable from the updates. I like the description of all her different laughs. AJ always hated tummy time, and is on the late side of normal for all of her gross motor development. I really don't think it matters.

    1. Its funny (well, not really) but a few weeks ago I realized I was no longer offering to make him a cup of tea when I made one for myself, and once upon a time I used to love making him a cup of tea. So I started making more of an effort to do little things like that and I do think it is helping.

      It is definitely a huge life change, and this might sound odd, but for me the newborn stage was easier. Not as rewarding, but easier. I seemed to handle it better and I don't think I was moody or frustrated at all for the first 6 months or so! I thought all that stuff was supposed to hit early on, but maybe I delayed all mine because why be too normal??

      I should put up a few pics, she is pretty adorable. This morning, after allowing me 3 1/2 hours of sleep, while changing her nappy I yawned and she thought that yawn was hilarious! And most of the time when she is refusing to sleep she just has this crazy happy look on her face. She is sooo cheeky!

      I know every baby hits milestones differently- I was walking by 9 months but the Moose didn't walk until closer to 18 months. Bubs will hit hers when she is ready and as long as the docs are happy I am happy. I have got some friends with a baby who is 4 months younger than Bubs, but weighs 7 lbs more, is 2 inches taller, and is hitting milestones she is only just starting to hit. It is amazing how different babies all are!

    2. I am not surprised that 6+ months feels harder, because there are a lot of developmental changes at that point. Also I remember you saying that you learned a lot in the NICU before bringing Bubs home; maybe that helped with the stress of life with a newborn? but life with an older baby is a new game. If I remember correctly, 6 months + was also the point where it really started to sink in that my life had changed, and that in addition to a baby I had a new "me" to figure out. When baby is new it's all about baby, but later on the identity crisis can hit.

      ...I love your example about making the Moose tea. You are so right that it's those little gestures that make a big difference. I know I always try really hard to show appreciation; it can be hard to remember sometimes but it does matter.

      ...And yes, the "I don't want to sleep" cheekiness! so cute (thankfully). Pictures would be awesome.

      AJ is finally showing interest in walking, so it probably won't be long now. I'm sure both you and the Moose walk just fine now, so it's all good in the big picture of things.

    3. I hadn't really thought about those developmental changes and how they impact on everything else- I need to remember that! Thank you for your comments- you always give me something positive to think about!

      Go AJ! Walking will be so exciting!!