Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Quick pics because Bubs is awake again

Just a few quick pics.  And for the record, Cleo doesn't go into the crib when Bubs is in there.  I allow her to sleep there during the day, with a blanket down, but she has no interest in even going into Bub's room at night.  The photo above was staged. 


  1. So adorable! The personality is really showing now. Babies are such miracles. Love the daisy shirt too (can it be spring already). AJ would be very jealous of the cat in the crib.

    1. She is so cheeky at home but so serious anywhere else we go! I don't think it is shyness- I think she is just taking everything in. You can have spring and summer if I can have autumn and winter! We've only had a few days of 90degF but it was more than enough for me! And I'll ship Cleo to AJ. She has been ambushing Toffs again AND she did nothing about the beetle on the floor last night confirming my suspicion that my cats will not save me from bugs and are therefore useless ;) What if it had been a spider? ugh. shudder.

    2. Sounds like a deal! You are totally welcome to winter, especially when it drags on through March, April, and May, hehe! At least the days are longer. Cats are also welcome. But you can keep the bugs (shudder)