Saturday, 16 August 2014

Progress and sandwiches

Today I ran 6k.  Without stopping once, and with only one near face plant when I tripped over a rock.  Woot Woot!  After complaining to a friend earlier in the week about pretty much everything I have already complained about on here (yes, complaining is sort of a hobby but I try to make it funny), I stepped on the scales and in the course of one day, without any sort of gastro-intestinal pyrotechnics or dehydration, I dropped from my long held 86.5kg to 85kg.  And stayed there the next day.  I had been so close to giving up hope of ever dropping despite running calorie deficits and jogging frequently.  It took a couple of rest/yoga days (weather too miserable to venture out to jog after working in it all day), but it happened.  So maybe this is how it will be.  Maybe I will spend the next two weeks at 85kg growing more and more frustrated, only to suddenly drop a kilo and a half.  Perhaps a good reason to not jump on the scale every day. 

On the TTC front, today is either 17dpo, 14dpo, or 10dpo.  It is at least xdays past ovulation.  No real symptoms.  There have been cramps and sore boobs earlier, but not really anything now (righty is feeling a very little burny but I am not reading into that as it isn't athlete's foot strong yet).  I am not even approaching pre-period bloat.  Maybe the running is keeping bloat away.  I felt a bit like my period will arrive tomorrow earlier today, but now not so much.  So I will wait and see.  Might pee on a stick or two once my internet cheapies arrive.  I imagine right now they are stuck in customs and puzzling people as to why any one person would need so many things to pee on.  I am feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing right now.  And once the period arrives it is a 6 pack of beer (which will magically be upgraded to a 12 pack because it is cheaper and it would be rude not to) and some sushi.  Maybe a bloody mary.  I really am jonesing for one of those with pickles and green olives and a turkey on sourdough with avocado and spicy peppers.  Drool.  Sadly New Zealand doesn't understand great sandwiches.  One of the gals at work and I were drooling over good sandwiches and moaning over how yummy they are in the states, and from way up the row another lady shouts out "I'll have what she is having!".  I think sandwiches are going to find their way onto the menu for tomorrow night. 

Perhaps one day I will tell the rueben story. 

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