Sunday, 3 August 2014

The two week wait is upon us again...

And I won't pee on a stick until I am late, because I wouldn't pee on a $10 note.  Not even a $5 note.  And not even a $2 or $1 coin, because I am pretty sure I would just end up peeing on myself.  And the odds of success are so small that there is no point, and I feel that pee sticks are a slippery slope.  According to something I found online (I don't remember exactly where...might be the fertility clinic here) I have only a 19% chance of success any given month if I don't have any fertility issues, given my age.  Of course, by 12dpo I am sure I will break out my FRER, which will then ensure that I get my period the next day. 

So this TWW, I will:
  • Not do the symptom freak out google search thing.
  • Not get all moody and grumpy for no reason (well, not moodier and grumpier than is normal for the run up to the red bitch).
  • Actually get some work done.  I have a trashion show outfit to get started on.  I will need to get the housework done early because the girls are coming over Friday for a poker night (poor Moose has to go into hiding).  Time to stop procrastinating.
  • Keep running everyday (except Friday poker night...that can be my day off)

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