Monday, 25 August 2014

The universe will kick you when you are down.

CD1 came around last Wednesday, as I was preparing to drive down to a city for a training course.  Of course it did.  So I took my super powered pain pills Thursday morning and headed off to the course.  High. As. A. Kite.  As in, "hmm...I can't really feel my face" <poke poke> "I hope no one is looking at me poking my face.  Wow that carpet is trippy."  But after a few hours of nausea I felt better and most importantly pain-free.

I have taken a week off of running.  After running that 6k last week, I went running on Sunday with a friend.  I picked the trail but really should have done some research because oh my god the hills.  Who knew they were there?  Despite a few rest breaks to catch my breath at the top of said hills, I still averaged 44 seconds faster per kilometre trying to keep up with my friend's pace.  She is fitter than I am and can do that.  I'll get her back one day.  It was still a good run, but oh the shin splints.  So I decided to take a few days as rest days.  I planned to run while I was away for my course, but ended up walking a bit instead.  And I don't run while bleeding.  I don't do anything really.

I did get a phone call on Tuesday from the nurse at the medical centre, informing me that I was uber-low priority for a gyno visit, and that my doc was unhappy about it (she is not the only one).  The call was to let me know that if I wanted to go private I could get the consult done that way and then move back to public funding for treatment.  I said I would think about it.  I don't really want to pay $200+ just to tell someone I think I have endo.  And then have to wait to do anything about it because I get shunted back on the public side of things.  I suppose if I get that RE referral I will have to go down that road anyway...hmm.  I want to chart a few more cycles first, and try well timed intercourse (why does that sound dirtier than sex?).  I thought I had timed it well before I was charting, but now I am not so sure.  And I will not let fertility friend's changing ovulation date thing trick me again.  Fool me once.  If I had paid more attention to my body rather than my phone app I may have gotten in a well timed bonk last cycle.

The universe is picking on me.  Not only are there preggos and babies everywhere, but our grocery store is doing this "little store" thing where you spend $40 and get these little packets that contain mini versions of some groceries.  They have done it before and my running friend collects them so I get them and keep them for her.  But of course I open them first.  And the first one I opened:
Thanks, universe.  Thanks a pant load.

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