Saturday, 20 December 2014


I take only two pills a day.  Folic acid and iodine.  They are small pills, easy to swallow, and I have no problems popping them.  I don't complain.

I wish the cats had a similar attitude towards pills.

Mid December is worming time for poor Toffs and Cleo.  It happens every 3 months, and I generally do it myself, unless they happen to have a vet appointment lined up at the time they are due to be wormed.  Typically, Toffs handles it well, and I can get a pill in her in one or two tries.  Cleo, on the other hand...she finds super-feline strength and the ability to spit out what I think she must have swallowed.

But I made a mistake this time.  I thought I would just pill Toffs after I had expressed her bladder.  BAD IDEA.  It is not easy to pill an already f*cked off cat.  She squirmed, she bit, she frothed at the mouth until we were both soaked in spit.  And the pill just kept coming out no matter what I did.  So I gave up and went after Cleo.  And for once, Cleo took it well.

Of course, Cleo proceeded to go out and get into a cat fight, and get herself bit on the leg, which means a round of antibiotics for her.  And the Moose, who had to take her to the vet because I needed to be at work, was given the choice between an injection (more expensive) or pills (cheaper).  Which did he choose?  The pills.  So for 5 days I have to pill Cleo twice a day.  And I still need to give Toffs her worming pill (I will get her when she is sleeping today...a sleepy, surprised puss puts up less of a fight).  If I make it out of this week alive it will be a miracle. 

Would you want to get your hands anywhere near the fangs of this beastie?  This is an old pic of Toffs being wild.  Oddly enough I don't have any pics of Cleo looking crazy.  I will have to remedy that. 

Next worming will be March (about 22 weeks for me) and the one after will be June (35 weeks).  Not looking forward to that last one...

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