Monday, 23 February 2015

It's a...

Girl!!  99% sure.  The Moose will continue to be the only male in the house.  I was convinced we would be having a boy, simply because there are so few boy names that I really like and just about everyone I know has had girls, but either way I was prepared to be happy.  The Moose is quite excited since he was hoping for a girl (though he would have been happy either way too). 

The ultrasound went well, she has all the requisite parts in the right places and things seem to be working fine.  She was very wiggly.  Probably because I ate a few lollies 15 minutes before the scan. 


She is measuring small.  Still within the normal parameters, but only just.  I was a small baby, my sister was small, my mother was it is just that this baby will be small like we were and not something more serious like all the stuff I spent the rest of the afternoon googling.  Damn you google.  Something tells me there will be at least one more ultrasound in my future.  I guess a small baby could explain my small bump too. 

So, 19 weeks today.  I might do an update next week at the halfway point.  I sort of wish I had done weekly updates from the beginning, but it just felt strange. 

Cleo gave my mini bump a wee cuddle and purr this morning.  She plopped down with her hindquarters on the snoogle and her front on the side of my bump.  Not for very long, but it was pretty cute. 

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  1. Ooh, a girl, so fun! I liked finding out the gender and being able to picture the baby. Sorry that the U/S measurements gave you some anxiety. It's inevitable that we wonder! but if there is a history of small babies that most likely explains it. Hopefully another U/S if ordered will put your mind at rest! (incidentally AJ was born "small for gestational age" which they made a big deal about at the time, but she's more than made up for since....I'm pretty sure she's bigger than average now).