Saturday, 28 February 2015

Going A' Shopping

This morning (once I can drag the Moose away from watching Have Gun Will Travel on his kindle), we are piling in the car and driving three hours to shop for baby stuff.  And to visit the Moose's mum and fix her phone (she can't seem to call us anymore).  Then we will drive back and hopefully be home before dark.

I know it is a bit early to shop for everything as I am just 20 weeks on Monday.  But the thing is work.  We have harvest starting up in a couple of weeks, and once that gets going, just getting the groceries turns into a hassle.  We could be working 7 days a week for WEEKS.  So there won't be any trips to the city until mid May, realistically (days off during harvest are for relaxing and cleaning the house and restocking the pantry).  And I am not going to buy things online without first checking them out in real life.  Since we will no doubt need at least 2 trips to manage to get everything we need, it is important that we do this first one now. 

So, what are we off to buy?  I have a spreadsheet.  I have researched the important things.  But honestly, I don't know.  I have two shopping personalities: the get in, get it done type with the list and knowing exactly what I want, and the indecisive me that gets overwhelmed and either makes panicked impulse buys or lets the Moose win out with the cautious "we can get it later".

Thing is, I don't want to drive three hours there and back to go shopping more than twice.  Especially not in the winter when there is less light and the roads get icy.  And not when I am the size of a house and would rather spend the day around the house (or specifically on the sofa).

So...we shall see what today brings...

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  1. Good on you for being organized and taking this step. l hope the trip is productive!