Sunday, 22 February 2015

Point proven

About the bad drivers from my ranty grumpy post the other day.

Traffic backed up over a kilometer each side.  It was a head on crash between two rental cars, one driven by a British couple, one driven by a Chinese couple.  We had to wait over half an hour while they cut out the British couple from their badly damaged car.  The other couple (the ones who caused the crash by driving on the wrong side of the road according to the newspaper), had only minor injuries.  Had we been 15 minutes earlier, it could have been us. 

And, the car that had been stopped in front of us (also driven by tourists), later failed to give way at a round-about and nearly got t-boned by a van. 

Even people who have plenty of experience behind the wheel make mistakes.  But there are far too many people driving here who are not experienced enough to handle our roads or speeds.  And people get hurt.  Thankfully no one died this time (although I believe one of the British tourists is seriously injured, hopefully they will make it).

But the scariest thing, it could have happened to us. 

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