Monday, 2 March 2015

20 Weeks!!!!

Halfway there!!

I was supposed to have a midwife appointment today, but some inconsiderate lady decided to go into labor, so now I have to reschedule.  Sheesh.  Rude.  Eh, I was looking forward to this appointment because I want to talk small babies and if my weight gain is too little and to blame for small baby, and also is this normal weird pregnancy discharge or am I leaking fluids?  Pretty sure it is bladder leakage, and it is time to commit to some serious kegels before a sneeze exposes the problem to the world. 

And I don't want to go to work.  I didn't sleep well last night.  It was so hot, and I drank a shit ton of water, so of course what I couldn't sweat out I had to pee out, which meant hourly trips to the loo.  And hourly cuddles with Cleo, who now gets somehow tangled in my feet and snoogle and makes getting up that much harder, and getting back into bed even worse.  So I am exhausted.  I have a few things I need to do for work before I actually go into work, so that will kill some time (as will writing this post now while I wait for the post office to open), and it is supposed to rain this afternoon, so I may not be at work for long.

Shopping in Dunedin was a success.  We have a stroller, a capsule, and all the fun accessories that go with each, plus a few other little odds and ends.  No where near everything, but it is a big part of the big purchases.  Thankfully my grandmother gave all her grandkids a generous Christmas present (cash), and therefore we can splurge on these things.  We went to lunch with the Moose's mum, who had what was probably a TIA as we were about to leave the restaurant, which scared the crap out of us.  She reckons she has had a few "turns" but couldn't recall when the last one was and insists it doesn't happen often.  We talked to the nurse at the rest home and they will tell her doctor and keep on eye on her.  They weren't aware of it, but in her records it says she has had them before.  But we are looking at transferring her to a rest home closer to us, so we can visit her more often and she can see her granddaughter more too.  She is 85 years old and probably hasn't got that many years left, so we want to be sure that her time is well spent in a manner that will make her happy.  She is open to the idea at least. 

I am currently working my way through a massive de-clutter of our house.  When we moved the Moose's mum into the rest home, we didn't have time to sort through a lot of her things, so we took a lot of them up here, and just sort of left them in closets and corners.  Our house is a 3 bedroom A-frame house, with two bedrooms on the main floor and a smaller one upstairs with a small loft.  Our bedroom is on the main floor, as is the nursery, which used to be the room we kept as a spare room for the Moose's mum (if she lives up here she won't have to spend the night and I can move that bed out and actually have room for baby stuff, which at the moment...well...I don't).  The upstairs bedroom has a bed, but is mostly storage.  So I have massive plans for a major move about to make the house bubs ready, and to clear out all the stuff we don't want/don't use (which is a lot of the Moose's mum's stuff...thankfully she doesn't care about it so I can donate most of it).  I suppose this is nesting.  I would much rather stay home and do this instead of going to work today.

Ugh.  Guess I had best wrap this up and move my duff.  Ok, for my pregnancy update (sort of following what other people do):

How far along:  20 weeks

Weight gain:  2.5kg

The baby is:  a girl.

The baby is the size of:  a banana, or rather, a little smaller.

Bump:  more like a pregnant bump or else the most amazing beer belly EVER.  Still got an innie.

Maternity clothes:  not necessary, but comfortable.  Wedding ring is still on too.

Movement:  occasional, getting stronger and more noticeable, but still maybe only once a day. 

Mood: mostly focused on nesting and not wanting to go to work.

Cravings:  Apple oatmeal, Campbell's vegetable soup, garlic bread.

Foods I miss:  Beer, hummus, cold cuts on a sandwich.

Best moment of the week:  Getting some big purchases out of the way and getting into the great house clean out.

No real issues or annoying symptoms apart from the constant peeing.  My back aches a bit more, and round ligament pain has entered my life, and my feet are sore at the end of the day if I have been walking a lot, but honestly, this has been pretty easy.  I have been lucky so far.

I am sure there are other things people update on but I can't really be bothered looking into what those are.  And I have to pee again.  And I should probably go to work at some point.

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