Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sisterhood of the World

Sisterhood of the World

The Turtle at torthuil nominated me for Sisterhood of the World, and as I love answering questions, I will answer them!  However, as someone who can't follow directions to save her life, I am not going to follow most of the rules!


The Rules:

  1. Link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the award logo.
  3. Answer the questions your nominator asked.
  4. Nominate 7 other blogs.
  5. Ask your nominees 10 questions.

I also couldn't decide which set to answer, and am currently avoiding housework, so I will answer both!!

Adi's questions:
  1. What’s one thing you love about yourself?  Only one??  Just kidding! is a bit hard to explain now that I think on it, but I love that I have a rather cold, detached analytical side (emotions of a rock, seriously).  I can look at how I am feeling, figure out why I am feeling that way, and control how I act/react accordingly.  I seldom act on impulse (shopping aside) and never get myself involved in other people's dramas.  I am not hot-tempered, I have reasonable expectations, and seldom get really offended, and I think it is all due to this analytical thing.  As a result, my life is pretty happy and cruise-y!  
  2. What makes you and your partner suited to one another?  We have a lot of similarities in that we are laid-back, introverted, etc, but I think we work so well together because our relationship is based on respect and trust, and we both have a playful sense of humour. 
  3. What’s a perfect day you’ve had? I don't think of any days as perfect or wholly shitty.  Most days are just days, and mostly they are good.  But the most recent perfect moment was coming home last night after two days away to my Moose and the pusses (Toffee even greeted me at the door, though Cleo was too sleepy to get out of bed and I had to go to her).
  4. What’s “your spot” in your home? The ugly two seater sofa that I have been allowing the cats to shred.  It is the only comfy place to sit, and now that the Moose allows me to put my feet up on the coffee table (or Toffee table, as we call it), it is perfect.  It is also right in front of the fire.  But I hope to have a gliding recliner chair in the next few months, and a new favorite spot.
  5. What would you love to do this weekend? Get stuff done around the house.  With harvest on now, we won't have many weekends until May, and somehow we have this weekend.  A golden opportunity I am currently wasting.  A to do list and productivity will follow though.
  6. Tell me a story of you as a kid. Any age! When I was about 5 or 6 years old I walked about a mile home on a frozen lake in a snowstorm, towing a sled full of fish.  Dad and the uncles, who I had been ice fishing with, got in a bit of trouble for letting me go, but it was probably my first real bit of independence.  Oh, I was also climbing out of my crib before 9 months, and I once took my walker down a flight of stairs (got stuck wedged between some 2x4s), and my trike down a hill (wiped out and had heaps of bruises just in time for a doc visit).  I was very adventurous.  Not so much now.
  7. What’s on your nightstand? It is an L-shaped bookshelf thing, but closest to the bed are the following: alarm clock, lamp, two different flavours (?) of cocoa butter (lime and mango, yum) (...I don't eat it), Pre-seed (yup, love it), a pen, my kindle, some sarongs, a container with pins (used for removing work-related splinters), a ceramic sake bottle and cups (never used), some sarongs, shoes, bbt thermometer, a thing to hang over a door from Japan, other odds and ends from Japan...god knows what else.  I need to clean it out, but that will be a job for when I am too big to clean anything else!
  8. Name something off your “bucket list” or just something you hope to someday do. I want to go to Rome.  I love Roman history, and I would love to see Rome, and many other places that were once a part of the republic and empire.  I would also love to see other ancient sites in the middle east, but that won't be happening.  I love my history (mostly ancient history), and have been lucky enough to visit Mayan ruins, Angkor Wat, very old temples in Japan and China...there is so much more to see.
  9. What’s your favorite outfit?  The outfit of the week.  Pretty much I wear one thing all week (outside of work), and that tends to be the favorite.  Right now it is the maternity jeans, a striped maternity top over a tank top, and when I get cold, this giant cowl necked maternity sweater.  But I can often be found in flower printed pajama bottoms, a polka dot nightgown, with a plaid flannel top over it, and a cashmere wrap over that, and a blanket over the lot of it.  I am well known for mixing patterns at home (not in public least not yet...maybe one day...)
  10. Say something nice about a fellow blogger!  All the ladies I follow are awesome, amazing, and absolutely inspirational.  I have been lucky in getting pregnant with a sticky one just as I got my referral to the RE.  I haven't been through what so many others have, and I recognize my good luck in that.  I also am very appreciative to have been accepted by at least a few of this community, and especially by tortuil and Mrs. Agony.  I am sure there are some out there who would say I don't belong, and maybe I don't (though I don't belong in the fertile myrtle club either), but these ladies have supported me, and I really appreciate them!

Now, Lauren's questions:

  1. What is something you are really good at?  Reading.  And I can be quite good at writing when I make an effort to plan and edit.  This blog is more just random thoughts, but sometimes I think about taking it in a different direction (and then I get distracted...oh, look!  Cat videos!)
  2. What do you wish you were better at?  Sports.  I am embarrassingly bad at anything involving hand eye co-ordination.  I would love to play something though.  
  3. What has your loss / infertility journey taught you about life?  Up until we started trying to conceive, my life was pretty easy (seriously) and I was under the impression that anything I wanted I could have immediately or with very little effort.  I don't think I have ever worked hard towards anything in my life before this.  And with the miscarriages, well...I have never really experienced much in terms of close loss.  I know people who have lost best friends, parents, siblings, other loved ones, but I haven't.  The pregnancies I lost were really early, and I think had I lost them further along it would have been much harder, but still...that first one was the hardest.  The second one was just frustrating.  Realizing that I had probably had a third about a year before freaked me out.  I guess it made me realize that life won't always be rosy.  There will be dark days, even if I haven't had many before.  But also that I will survive, because what else is there?  Time moves on, you put one foot in front of the next...
  4. Paper diary or digital calendar? I have a paper one, for work.  I have digital ones but never use them.  I just scrawl on the wall calendar, but I don't have a lot of engagements.  Introvert.
  5. Where did you meet your other half?  At work in 2008 when I came to New Zealand as a backpacker.
  6. What are you wearing right now?  This question sounds kinda pervy...but maternity jeans, striped top, slippers...what I will probably wear all week.
  7. When did you discover you could write?  It was a short jump from spending all day in la-la land to writing down said la-la land adventures, but I started when I was about 12.  Maybe a little younger.  Still working on writing that novel that I will probably never finish...keep changing it...still thinking about it...haven't written since pregnancy tired...
  8. What is your favourite time of day, and why? I like mornings, but mostly when I don't have to get up at a specific time and chose to wake up early.  I like the quietness of the morning, the fresh smell of the air, that first cup of coffee and sitting down to read or write or whatever.  But I don't really like the mornings where I am rushing around getting ready for work.  That kind of ruins it. 
  9. What piece of wisdom would you give your ten-year-old self?  Tiggy, you know that period you just got??  Start bugging doctors about the pain of it sooner, and don't just stop when they put you on the pill.  Get that shit sorted, because you are in for a long, painful time of it.  And...congrats, that acne will be gone by the time all the other girls get it.  And for god's sake try to learn some sports or get into some healthy habits before those body issues hit in a few years and you bugger up your body!!  You might stay skinny by not eating, but the fainting spells and eventual kidney stone will not be pleasant, and you will just pack on the pounds after you start university anyway.
  10. What’s the farthest from home you’ve travelled?  I live about as far from home as I can get.  But I have traveled around the world.  I've lived in Japan, Australia, and now New Zealand.  I have been to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Belgium.  I am sure I will add more to that list. 
I am too lazy to nominate any blogs (and I doubt most of the blogs that I follow are aware of me anyway) or come up with any new questions, but if anyone reading this feels like answering some questions, well, knock yourself out with any of the above!  Its a fun way to avoid cleaning the bathroom. 


  1. yay for procrastinating! who wants to clean the bathroom, ew. Mr. Turtle does that chore in our house. I agree that having an analytical mind helps with life stuff. Emotions and empathy and intuition are great, but sometimes you need to separate from that. What else. Pre-seed, yes that stuff is great. Mine is technically in the nightstand so I couldn't list it. lol. I should add that to the list of "things that may have helped me conceive." It's totally OK to mix patterns. But it should be a big print one or a small print one, or something. Probably not two different plaids like my dad is wearing in one of my baby pictures. Your adventurous childhood stories are great. I hope I am able to let my kid do some of the things I did. I don't particularly want to think of her swimming in the river with terrible perilous currents and rocks, but swimming in the river is crazy awesome! She has a lot of uncles so I'm sure they will make sure she has some adventures, even if I don't. Belonging. I say that if you feel like you belong in the ALI club, you belong in it. No justifications needed. Randomness is awesome. Thanks for answering the questions I feel justified now lol. Also AJ just somehow put herself to the crib so I think I have to go tell Mr. Turtle, this is like amazing and possibly an opportunity. Goodnight!

    1. Ha ha, different plaids...I totally do that too! Just in the house though. Swimming in rivers has always scared me a little. Same with the ocean (jellyfish...eww). Lakes are best! I am sure AJ will have lots of great adventures! And you with her! Go AJ!

  2. It's a sisterhood, and you totally belong. Loved reading your answers to both sets of questions, and I love reading your blog. I'm not happy about the circumstances that brought so many people together, but I do treasure the relationships I have with my fellow infertiles. <3

    1. It is a shitty club. I think I have extreme survivor's guilt, since I barely dipped my toes in the water (check out Stupid Stork's blog if you haven't, she has a great titanic analogy, and she is just hilarious anyway). The relationships are great, and I think we all understand each other better than the rest of the world ever could. It is a great place to turn to for support when no one else understands!