Thursday, 12 March 2015

No use crying over spilled milk when you can get angry and throw a roll of paper towels

So the Moose is currently suffering from the worst sort of pregnancy brain.  Can't that happen?  Some sort of sympathy-thing, where they get the symptoms too?  Anyway, he has become dangerously dumb as of late.  Worse than me.  I stand up to get something and forget what it was, but he is taking it to a whole new level!

Case in point 1:  A few weeks ago, I needed to leave for work about five minutes before he needed to leave.  I asked him if he would move his car out of the way so I could get mine out, but he was too busy running around the kitchen trying to get his lunch ready (which is what an extra five minutes in bed gets you), so I told him I would move it and I would see him later.  I left.  When I got home, he accused me of not shutting and locking the front door.  To which I politely reminded him without laughing at him at all not even the tiniest bit that I had actually left the house before him. 

Case in point 2:  Reading an article in the paper about a driver who stopped a tourist driver and took away the car keys (who had parked their car in the middle of a rather scary road to take photos and hold up 8 other cars), I pointed out to the Moose that the NZ driver actually didn't have a valid driver's license (his having expired some years before).  The Moose wasn't sure when his expired, so pulled it out and exclaimed "You won't believe this, mine expired yesterday!".  And he would have been right, had this year actually been 2016.  Which he didn't find out until he went to renew it the other day.  But at least he brought me chocolate.

Case in point 3:  With five minutes to go before we needed to be out the door to get to work, I asked the Moose to pass me the milk and a tin of fruit (both used only by the Moose) so I could put them away.  I dropped the milk, but tragedy may have been avoided HAD THE CAP BEEN SCREWED ON.  So guess who had to quickly clean up half a liter of milk from mostly under the fridge in record speed?  The Moose got a lecture and the empty roll of paper towels chucked in his general direction (for the record I could have hit him if I had wanted to).  Toffs and Cleo thought Christmas had come early and proceeded to scuffle over who would get to it first, but my mop and I won.

There are a few other things, like consistently climbing into our 2 door car first even though I need to sit in the seat behind him (we carpool and the other back seat is folded up), and forgetting that his mum is coming up this weekend, or that the car registration was due last month.  It is kind of hilarious.  Poor Moose. 


  1. Is that pregnancy brain or husband brain? Mr. Hope does crazy isht like that all of the time. He leaves drawers open. He leaves cream out. He never locks doors. He puts his wallet on top of the fridge and then exclaims, "Sometimes I hate myself!" when he can't find it.

    Even so, that's all pretty funny. Esp. the license thing. :)

  2. Maybe it is a husband thing, but it has definitely gotten worse lately! The Moose leaves drawers open too...although sometimes he is just opening them for the cats and so it always pays to check if there is a cat in the drawer before closing it. He rigs up our dressers as cat toys by pulling out the odd drawer completely so they can get into the closed drawer below.

    "Sometimes I hate myself!" That is hilarious! Poor Mr. Hope. The Moose just walks around looking lost and mutters when I ask him what he is looking for.