Monday, 23 March 2015

F-ing Facebook

If you have ever had one pregnant woman friend on facebook, then you have no doubt seen the post of the boob beanie.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am guessing you aren't on facebook or somehow have avoided pregnant women on facebook (which must be some sort of miracle...or you are smart enough to block all posts from said preggo minutes after the announcement).  I have seen the boob beanie a few times.  I admit, I do think it is funny.  I laughed the first time I saw it, and have chuckled quietly to myself every time since.  

But my mom obviously had missed it, and posted it up for me, asking if I wanted her to start knitting on for Abigail (we haven't actually picked a name yet, but my mom likes to choose one each day and try it on...I think it was Penelope last week).  But my mom doesn't know much about how to tag people, so she didn't tag me.  But one of my aunts did.  And the wife of my cousin (who I have met only once and who just had a baby girl within the past year).  Asking if we had found out we were having a girl and why no one had told them, if we had chosen to name her Abigail, etc.  My mom and aunt got into a playful argument of "why didn't you tell us" and "stop yelling at me" and something about "favorite youngest sister-in-law" (she is the youngest on that side and points it out an awful lot).  All that would be cute and funny, had we not been keeping it a secret.

The Moose's idea.  Maybe I posted about this before?  Because I sort of stepped in it and told one other person before I knew I was supposed to keep it hushed.  Apparently it is a common thing here to keep it to yourself and surprise people after the birth.  Which I am fine with.  I have no problem keeping it a secret, and have sort of enjoyed pissing off a few of the women at work when I refused to tell them.  But I probably should have told my mom we were keeping it under wraps.  I just wasn't expecting her to out me on facebook!  She nagged me to announce the pregnancy on facebook so she could officially tell people (she was already unofficially telling them), and only posted one pregnancy related thing to me until today.  I totally thought we were safe.

My mom is the queen of passive-aggressive*, so I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine, and when she asked for my help against the aunt, I replied that I wouldn't be helping her, that we had been keeping it a secret as per the Moose's wishes, and that I didn't expect to get outed on facebook as we had only told my parents, my sister, and the Moose's mum (I think I will refer to her from now on as Mother Moose).  Was that response a bit nasty and hormonal??  The Moose didn't want me to respond at all, but I just couldn't help it.  There will be an "oops, sorry" and I will get less annoyed over it later, but really, the only person to blame is myself.  I should have told her we weren't going to tell people. 

So I guess the cat is out of the bag...wonder how long it will be until my facebook "friends" (aka people I can't unfriend because I work with them but never should have accepted as friends in the first place) latch on.  I bet by the end of the week, everyone knows.  Probably by the end of tomorrow.  I have already apologized to the Moose.  He is taking it well at least. 

A small part of me is kind of hoping, even though it will mean a trip to the store to return some of the pink baby clothes (I do hate pink, but I do love clearance prices), and a total mental readjustment, that the ultrasound next week shows that little Abigail has grown a pair.   

* My immediate family is reasonably well adjusted and drama-free.  When she is acting all passive-aggressive, my mother is well aware of what she is about and is only trying to manipulate us into doing something we should probably be doing anyway.  The "<Sigh> I'll just do these dishes all by myself even though I have been cooking all day and my head hurts" kind of passive-aggressive.  Totally harmless but ultimately annoying. 


  1. Oh, Tiggy, I am SO sorry! Moms can be like that. If it makes you feel any better, my mom told just about anyone who would listen about my infertility, even though I made it clear to her that I was NOT out of the closet. Hope Moose isn't too upset. P.S. I have no idea what a boob beanie is. And I use Facebook constantly!

    1. That sucks that she did that. I think that is far worse. I don't know if my mom told anyone about our trying and early losses, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did. She has told me about every miscarriage in the family. It doesn't usually bother me too much because I am so far away, and maybe out of sight, out of mind? That makes it easier. And I have gotten over being angry with her. She has been properly apologetic and now I am teasing her that I won't be telling her the name we eventually choose since she can't keep her trap shut. The Moose rolled with it and didn't seem upset. He is good like that.

      It is a knitted or crocheted hat for the baby that has a darker circle (to look like a nipple) on top, so when they are nursing the baby's head looks like a boob. It is a little hilarious. I wondered if I could get someone to make one for me to wear, but as I am not a nursing baby it probably wouldn't be that funny.

    2. So glad that The Moose isn't too upset. That's got to be a bit of a relief.

      As for that beanie? WANT. Why? Because I am a tacky dork.

      Glad you and your mom are in the teasing phase. Never easy when you want to shank someone in your own family.

  2. I had to google "boob beanie." hahahaha. I love it, except I think it would fall off when baby is actually nursing. But still hilarious.

    Also appreciated the (unintentional?) pun about your Facebook friends "latching on."

    1. Wow...totally unintentional!! I probably meant catch on. Ha ha, wish I had thought of it! I love horrible puns!