Monday, 30 March 2015

24 weeks and still small **Update at bottom

So I thought for sure this thing was growing.  I have popped.  I look pregnant (well, I think I look pregnant but no strangers are asking me about due dates or anything and I feel like I need a shirt that says "Pregnant not just fat").  For sures bubs has caught up on that growth business.

Maybe?  The midwife couldn't really feel the fundus (top of ute), but thought it was still back by my navel, or in other words, exactly where it was 4 weeks ago.  But she admitted she couldn't really tell where it was (and to be honest, I have looked for it and haven't been able to find it either, and I could always find it before 20 weeks).

But there is still a strong heartbeat, my urine is clean, my blood pressure is marching back down (had been getting high for me), and everything else seems good.  I am still getting good kicks (just took a good one to the fupa, actually).  But what the hell, ute??  I hope you are just buried beneath some flub and that damned hernia (yeah, had forgotten about that until I over indulged in potato soup a few weeks ago, and spent the rest of the night trying to hold the damn thing in...I have finally learned portion control anyway).

And I have an ultrasound in a few hours to get a better idea of what is going on in there.  I'll post an update when I get home from that.  Wonder if I need to pull the Moose out of work to come with.

We didn't talk too much about the birth plan (ha, right, plan!) since much depends on this ultrasound.  If bubs measures small, it is specialist time.  And that will mean 3.5 hour road trip to the hospital when it comes time to birth (as opposed to 30 minute drive to the birthing center).  In the winter, probably in the middle of the night, in 8 feet of snow uphill both ways no doubt (ok...probably not 8 feet of snow, since we don't get that at lower elevations, but 3 inches will suffice to shut down traffic and provide the fun experience of giving birth in a car stuck in the snow) (as a former Minnesotan, it figures).

And so far this pregnancy had been so damned easy!  Damn you, hubris! 

Gotta run to the store and pay 2 overdue bills that had gotten lost in the shuffle of shit that accumulates on the coffee table, and then devote the remaining time to freaking myself out about IUGR and SGA babies on google.  I think I can work myself up good in the hour and change I should have before I have to leave for the ultrasound.  And hopefully it will all be for nothing.  Fingers crossed the midwife just didn't have a magic touch today.


She is just small so far.  Her head circumference and abdominal circumference are growing at the same rate, and that rate is consistent with normal growth.  She is just small.  Hopefully I am not yet turfed to a specialist (I don't think I will be yet), but I should hear from the midwife later today.


I had my first pregnancy puke.  At 24 weeks.  I started to feel nauseous part way through the ultrasound, and it just got worse.  I figured it was just nerves, and lately I have been feeling a bit queasy again (not so bad as first trimester though).  I thought I would make it.  By the end of it I was quickly wiping off the lube and trying to sit up as I felt so shitty.  The ultrasound tech gave me a bowl, and within a minute I was puking my guts out (guts consisting only of bile and a handful of lollies eaten an hour or two before...maybe I should have had lunch...).  Apparently any future scans will be done with me mostly on my side!


  1. Thinking of you! hope the US eases your mind.

  2. Oh, thank god she's okay. I am nothing but nerves right now. So glad you got good news! And sorry about the puking.

    1. I hope you get some good news at your ultrasound too! I am kind of proud of my puking, since I never did it in the first trimester. Kind of felt like I was missing out ;)