Saturday, 4 April 2015

Saturday Randomness

*Harvest was cancelled today, so unexpected day off for me!!  Of course, I didn't find out until I got to the vineyard (half an hour away), but at least I had time to duck into the pharmacy to pick up my iron supplement (midwife wrote it out when I mentioned I was struggling with fatigue).  It is hard to find time to get any errands done during harvest.  Being a small town, most shops close pretty early (the pharmacy closes at 1pm on a Saturday), and we sometimes work until dusk.  The Moose, unfortunately, has to work today and tomorrow, up and down a steep hill (which is why I joined a different group for today...not sure a steep hill is doable for me...might survive it, but probably would be in a bit of pain and totally, well, I am a clutz).  I might run to the supermarket and buy some cake or something and bring it out to him and the other guys (my usual crew).  (Yes, the Moose and I work together...not sure how it works but it does...)

*There was a good thunderstorm over the mountains to the east last week.  Nearly constant sheet lightening.  It didn't come near us, but I sat upstairs and watched it for quite awhile.  I miss thunderstorms.  I am a huge weather dork and totally missed my calling as a tornado chaser.  If we ever move back to the states, we are moving to Norman, Oklahoma.  I swear they get hit at least every second year.  The Moose thinks I am crazy and says no to that, by the way.  But I have been obsessed with tornadoes since I was a little kid.

*Speaking of tornadoes, last night I dreamed we were in Australia, flying in a small glider plane type thing over the beach and ocean, and these amazing waterspouts were whipping up as we were trying to land.  We had to climb above them and go around to land the plane, but they didn't last long, and I never took any photos of them because I couldn't stop staring at them to turn my camera on.  They were amazing!  (On a related note, I have been dreaming about tornadoes ever since I was a little kid...seriously obsessed).

*Sometimes instead of getting songs stuck in my head, I get words or phrases.  Right now, it is "Peaky Blinders".  It is some show on tv, there have been plenty of adverts for it.  Something set in the 1920s maybe, with a gangster type theme??  Not sure, but I can't stop saying "Peaky Blinders" in my head.

*Cleo got really wild the other night and attacked her scratching post.  She nearly toppled it over, and then it swung back and fell on top of her.  She just lay on her back and continued attacking it.  It was hilarious.

*Big Ginge has been coming back.  Three times in one night.  The food has been locked away for over a month now, so I don't know why he is being so persistent.  Maybe he can smell it?  I can smell it (damn pregnancy super-sniffer).  But there have been no fights, apart from Toffs diving after him and giving him a hurry up (which surprised me, I didn't think she had it in her).  I wake up as soon as Cleo moves from the bed, or Toffs starts making noise in the living room.  But my days of jumping out of bed without totally taking the snoogle and half the bedding with me and ending up sprawled on the floor are getting numbered, I think.  Still debating whether to try to trap him and give him some water boarding.  He is awfully big.  And I am not getting any faster.

*Last night I made a vegetarian pumpkin, silverbeet and pesto lasagne and it was amazing.  I ate half the pan.  Yum.  That makes up for the disgusting pasta bake I made last week.

*This morning I left an element on the stove on.  I could hear this clicking, but I didn't believe I had left it on, until I finally decided that nothing else clicks like the damn stove, and sure enough, after taking my porridge off, I left the bugger on. 

Ok, that is a pretty random assortment of things.  Time to stop procrastinating.  Might go see if I can pick up the Moose's book at the library, since he won't be able to do it.  Not sure they will let me, but worth a try!

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