Monday, 13 April 2015

26 weeks and snow!!

Snow on the mountains!!  It is butt-ass cold outside too.  Work has been delayed by one hour, but should be pretty full on once we get started.  Snow on the mountains means any clear nights will be frosty, and that frost will kill the canopy (leaves) on the grapevines, meaning we need to get those grapes off the vines quickly.  I doubt we are half-way through harvest (maybe close to it, though??  hard to say), so I think the rest of the week will be dawn to dusk days.  Except maybe today.  We should get more snow later.  That could send us home.  Or we could work in it.  All I know is that I will have layer upon layer of thermals and fleeces on!!  And a fire when we get home, and beer cheese soup (the only way I can have any beer, I figure!!) (and yes, I am from the midwest, how did you know?).

So, 26 weeks today.  Last night I dreamed that I was in labour (full term but the same size I am now).  I got to 4cm with no pain and not really aware of it, and was checked in to the birthing center, and was all relaxed and happy...and then nothing happened.   So I had to walk, and walk, and walk...anyway the alarm went off while I was still walking so I have no idea if I would have ever progressed any further in that dream.  But my dreams have turned more and more towards bubs and less and less towards zombie apocalypses and alien invasions. 

I've had some swelling, which I blame on work (9-10 hour days).  My poor feet.  Even my hands are getting in on the action in the mornings (which is normal for me during the pruning season).  I've even had to take my wedding band off a couple of times, just for a few hours, until the swelling went down.  I had a panic earlier in the week because my eyes were puffy too...but I think I was rocking a sinus thing.  I had a sick day anyway (crook guts, blech), and the rest helped. 

Bubs did that thing where she turns and pummels things I can't really feel, so I was a bit nervous for a few days ("was that a kick?  Or gas from cabbage soup?"), but she turned again and proceeded to kick the shit out of my bladder, and has been mostly doing that since.  Not sure if it is hard to feel her elsewhere because she is measuring small, because I am a bit...fluffy...or because of the partially anterior placenta...or maybe a combo of all.  But so far, I can't really feel the movements from the outside, there are no body parts sticking out, and everything on the interwebs reckons there should be (along with more painful blows to far bubs can give me a bit of a start but no pain)...but I guess on the bright side I still have an innie with no signs of it turning outie anytime soon. 

The next midwife appointment is in two weeks, and after that I will meet with her every two weeks, I think until 36 weeks when it becomes every single week.  Also we should be hearing about the antenatal classes soon...though I may have to email the lady again.  I am getting a bit antsy to start putting the nursery together, but I kind of want to save that for later.  Especially when I still have some cleaning/getting rid of some stuff to sort out first.  And then there is the shopping.  I thought we had a ton of stuff...and then I sort of realized there is a lot more that we will be needing.  Eek.


  1. You're the second preggo who's talked about swelling today! I'm sorry it's so uncomfortable. I want to know more about your job! It sounds really cool.

    1. I'll do some posts on the job sometime...I was thinking of doing that awhile ago, mostly to fight off the boredom of being at work!! We were rained/snowed off after just a couple of hours, so now I am nice and cozy in front of the fire and hoping not to get called back out!!