Monday, 27 April 2015

28 weeks, midwife visit

Bubs is still measuring small.  "SGA" has finally appeared in the notes.  My fundus is 2 weeks behind so I get another growth scan.  This time I will not lay on my back for half an hour and puke. 

I've got lab orders for my glucose challenge test, and since I have had some hideous swelling (which I insist is work related) in my feet and a bit in my hands (still work related) I get to have some bloods drawn to check for preeclampsia.  Better safe than sorry but EEK!  FREAKOUT!  And despite my cleaning yesterday, and relaxing this morning, I had my highest ever BP (130/80), which the midwife said was a good number, and I know it is a good number, but I have never had it that high before (if this trend continues upward...).  The funny part was Cleo was sitting next to me as my BP was taken, and puffing up the sleeve really had her attention!  It was a bit hilarious.  More hilarious than Cleo deciding to climb all over the midwife's white puffy jacket (which she draped over the scratching post, so fair enough Cleo), after Cleo had been wading through the lake in the driveway (driveway floods every time it rains)(wet dirty paws...cats are a lot dirtier than many people think!  My floors can attest to this). 

At least my urine was clean.  Although, it is getting hard to pee on that damn stick now that my belly is starting to get in the way (it is sooo growing!!  I swear!! ...ok...might have been the cake...)...

Bubs is also in breech position.  My bladder could have told the midwife that one!  Oh well, plenty of time to turn, and if I am only measuring 26 weeks, well, plenty of room still to turn!!

We talked a bit more about skin to skin, natural pain techniques, and preventing the Moose from passing out at the sight of blood and fluids and grossness.  If bubs remains breech, it will be a c-section.  If other complications arise too, I suppose.  It will be what it will be.  The goal is to get through it alive with a healthy bubs at the end.  What road the journey takes to that destination...well...doesn't really matter.  I say that now, but of course I want the world's easiest birth!!  No tearing, no traumas, just a few pushes and voila, baby!  Without breaking a sweat or getting too much blood and fluids and shit everywhere!  What woman doesn't want that??  Of course, I recognize that will not likely be the case, and thus I say it doesn't really matter.  In the middle of labour, I bet I will have a few choice things to say about the whole journey...but a healthy bubs and a healthy me are the goals.  

Whooping cough vaccine and flu vaccine for me and the Moose!!  Will try and do that this week.  The Moose doesn't like needles, so this should be fun.  Maybe if I promise him an ice cream after, if he is brave...

So...28 week notes...

Having a weekend off work has reduced the swelling in my feet, and my hands.  See, work related!

After losing weight (from 91kg to 89kg) I am back to 91kg!!  Thank you cake!!  And ice cream!!  And chips!!  And pizza!!  And fizzy drinks!!  And definitely not the swelling!!  (I also eat healthy foods...but I have been eating more unhealthy things more frequently...just, you case I end up with GD and can't, then at least I will have had this time with all the yummy, naughty things).

Nausea has made a return the past few weeks.  Forgot to mention that to the midwife.  Menstrual cramp type pain too (probably ligament, probably from work).  My sister cursed me with gas this past week by mentioning it.  Getting up at night to pee is getting more challenging, and a wee bit painful (the getting up part, not the peeing part).  Discharge (yuck) is copious but normal.  I have no stretch marks, no linea nigra.  My belly is a bit furry though...just the soft, light coloured hair because I am a mammal not a wolf.  My boobs have started to get that burny feeling again, so I suspect I will go from 18DD to 18E very soon.  No wonder my bump looks small, it is still over-shadowed by the GIANORMOUS BOOBIES. 

Doing Kegels whenever I think about it...have stopped leaking when I sneeze...or at least the past few sneezes.  MUST KEEP DOING KEGELS.  Quick flick kegels are bloody hard.

No other symptoms to report.  The Moose felt some kicks a few nights ago for the first time.  That was cool.  He had his first "oh shit our lives are going to change forever!" moment too.  It was cute. 

So tonight starts our antenatal classes.  I am not overly excited about this.  I like the idea well enough, but I am an introvert, especially around people I don't know so well.  I am worried I will be the oldest woman there, and I can say with some certainty that the Moose will be the oldest man.  Not that age should matter.  And the class goes from 7pm to 9pm...and from about 8:30pm on most nights I can do little more than keep my eyelids open as I sit drooling on the couch too tired to go to bed.  The more annoying part is that on Mondays when I have to work (which will be every Monday after today excepting Queen's Birthday...Elizabeth...not the band...but maybe it should be the band, really), I will have to record Game of Thrones (I am a nerd and a the books though, they are awesome and of course way better than the tv show and I recommend them for anyone who likes well written fiction regardless of genre).

Also, the woman who does the antenatal classes is the nurse who drew my betas once (I think for this pregnancy, not for one of the miscarriages), and while doing that she told me some great and no doubt very scientific truths about all the things that cause sleeping within so many feet of a digital alarm clock.  My alarm clock anxiety is such that there is no way I could have it across the room from me, even if it did cause miscarriage.  Seriously, is there a worse sound on the planet?  I wake myself up usually 10 minutes before it goes off so I don't have to hear it (sometimes, Cleo does this for me...she shares my sound anxiety).  On that note, I also can't put a new battery in a smoke alarm.  Can not do it.  Just thinking about the smoke alarm makes me feel panicky.  So I guess I don't know who is weirder, me or the nurse.  Guess I will find out. 

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