Thursday, 30 April 2015

Home remedies and spot stealing

I got in a shitty at work yesterday (long story, probably not worth going into) and decided to work more on my own (because I can harvest faster than the grumpy old people I work with when I use my own seriously, twice as fast).  That involved lifting and kicking my own bucket (which is actually a tray so much easier to kick).  That plus bending and all sorts popped out my intestines through that little weak spot in the stomach muscles I have had forever but forgot about before pregnancy, resulting in a golf-ball sized lump of guts protruding into my bump (I did make a few people feel it).  Anyway, my tray was taken off me but I kept working a few hours.  The car ride home was painful and made worse by slow drivers and me not wanting to risk passing on account of PAIN. 

I also didn't want to cook dinner.  My solution:  Indian take-aways.  Of course I only eat my curry hot (mild and medium are for wimps and Mooses). 


The guts worked their way back home, but at 2:30 am (8 hours after delicious curry) I woke up with the worst heartburn EVER.  Felt like the curry had come back up to sit and burn and torture me.  Gaviscon helped but only slowly, and even this morning there is some after-burning going on. 

My stomach muscles are sore still from the hernia, so at the Moose's insistence I agreed (quickly) to take a sick day to relax and let them heal. 

AND Toffs stole my comfy spot on the comfy sofa when I got up to go to the loo.  She is curled up in the exact center of the two seater, sleeping so peacefully and occasionally giving me trills as I perch on the corner of the sofa with my ass growing number by the minute!  I would take a pic of her, but I would have to get up to get my phone, and she knows the sound of a camera and will probably run.  Which means I get my spot back, but then again, we have so few cuddles since she hates me (expressing her bladder twice a day and all), so I want to leave her be and enjoy the moment.  She is so cute!!  Before I lost all feeling in my ass I could feel the subtle vibration of purrs through the sofa cushion (couldn't hear them over the radio...she purrs like a lady).

So...moral of the story:

Hot curry may cure a hernia but will cause heartburn.  Not exactly a great trade-off...but given the deliciousness of the curry...I am going to call it a good idea.

Also, cats take precedence over preggos with regards to sofas.  At least at 28 weeks.  Probably not at 38 weeks.  I hope. 


  1. Ohh, middle of the night heartburn is the WORST. Glad the Gaviscon helped (albeit slowly). I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE 28 WEEKS ALREADY. Holy jeebus, that's crazy. P.S. Now you've made me want curry.

    1. Have the heartburn meds on hand if you like your curry hot!! Took me a day to beat it! I can't believe I am 28 weeks (in fact, I sometimes have to stop and think about whether that is right or I got the number wrong). Cue freakout on not being ready for a bubs...EEEK!!!!