Saturday, 25 April 2015

Long Weekend

Trying to write a post that doesn't come off as whiny is hard.  I think I have complained way too much lately, and while it is cathartic, I think it also misrepresents me a bit.  I am not quite that whiny in real life (maybe just a little).  But honestly, it is hard to think of anything to write about just now!!  And I can always think of stuff that is bugging me!

We have a three day weekend thanks to ANZAC day, and harvest is winding down too.  Life will soon settle into a slower pace.  Which means it is time to get stuff done!!  This weekend is supposed to be pretty rainy, so inside work it is!  I will finish sorting the crap upstairs, and of course clean up the rest of the house.  Might get some outdoor stuff done today, if the rain holds off long enough for me to feel less lazy.  Right now sitting on the sofa with my poor swollen trench foot infected feet up on the coffee table is pretty awesome.  (I don't really have trench foot, but after two long days of working with wet boots and wet synthetic socks, the skin on the bottom of my feet is tight and irritated and bloody hurts!!) (Also, the feet are on a pillow on the table, not actually on the table...but from someone who leaves her FRERs on the kitchen counter...well...I guess it is to be expected).

I will also pry the credit card out of the Moose's hands so I can do some internet shopping for bubs!  We are going to take a stab at cloth nappies, and while I have collected about 6 pocket nappies, I need to hunt down some trial packs of other varieties.  They say to get a few of each and see what works best, and I am quite keen to get a few fitted ones, as they are apparently the best containment method for newborn poonamis.  We have been trying to cut back on our household waste anyway, so cloth nappies will be great if we can find a system that works for us.  Plus, our garbage gets picked up only every second week, and I don't want a smelly bin.  And I have an amazing washing machine (I spent double what the Moose approved to buy a nice one...which may be why I am now supervised while shopping...).  We don't have a drier, but if I can dry a pair of jeans in less than 24 hours (outside in the summer, upstairs if we have the fire going, and in the hot water cupboard if we don't), I am sure I can dry the nappies.  And I don't mind doing laundry every day or every second day.  I do anyway during harvest, and much of summer for our work clothes. 

And I think we need to pay some attention to the cats.  They need a good play.  They have lately taken to chasing each other around the house.  It is hilarious, but poor Cleo is almost always the chased one, and she has taken to hiding under the sofa, which seems to be the safe zone, and I feel a little sorry for her.  She can't seem to tell that Toffs just wants to play...but then again, it always starts with Toffs just wanting to play and ends in some good swipes, and sometimes some growls or hisses.  Poor Toffs is sleeping on the other sofa right now and has no idea that when this post is done, her bladder is getting expressed.  I've got on a thickly lined bra.  I am ready.  And hopefully claw proof.

Monday is the day ANZAC day is observed, so it is a public holiday, but even so I have an appointment with the midwife and the antenatal classes start (I'll probably have more to say on the classes later).  My blood pressure has been a concern to me for awhile now, since it keeps going up when it should have gone down or stayed low (according to the interwebs).  Here is what it has been up to:

7.5weeks:  105/65
12weeks:  120/65
16weeks:  130/75
20weeks:  130/75
24weeks:  120/70 (me: "whew, it went down!" midwife: <unconcerned> "yeah")

Now, I know these aren't bad numbers...but seriously, I am always around 105/65.  And if pregnancy lowers your blood pressure in the first 20 weeks...

Anyway, I am NO LONGER concerned about it.  Because I have figured out why my blood pressure is getting up.  Since the midwife comes to the house (every appointment except the first one), I always spend an hour or two in the morning running around like a crazy thing cleaning.  And I have usually just downed my daily cup of coffee just before too.  I feel a bit like a dunce.  I have worried myself stupid over a potential preeclampsia future for nothing.  So I will clean the house like a crazy thing on Sunday night, roll out of bed at 8am for the 8:30 appointment on Monday morning, and have my coffee after!  This might drop me back into my normal range. 

And I suppose my glucose test must be coming up.  Everything online said they do those sometime between 24 and 28 weeks.  So mine will be after 28 weeks anyway.  I have made the most of it by consuming all the things I won't be able to eat if I fail.  Cuz that is logic.  Actually, my logic goes like this: harvest made me lose weight, I am going to eat cake.  Probably not the best thing to do.  I will have to do better. 

Dammit, the Moose got up and went in the kitchen, so Toffs got up too (in case of treats, naturally).  Now I will have to chase her down to express her.  Laziness never pays off, I guess.


  1. First of all, I don't know what about this post sounds complainy to you. Seriously. You're just talking about things going on in your life.

    Second, your BP sounds great to me! Mine has been elevated because I'm on estrogen 3x/day. I am typically a 110-120/70-75. Which is what you're considering high but which the nurses always tell me is perfect. Lately I've been closer to 130/90, which has me freaked but the nurses tell me is fine. Hopefully it will go down when I stop the estrace.

    We're thinking of trying cloth, too. Are you on Pinterest? There are tons of sites that have advice about cloth. I've found them fascinating.

    P.S. Your GD logic makes perfect sense to me (says the woman who ate 2/3 of a thing of Oreos over the course of two days).

    1. Ha ha! I would have destroyed the oreos in one day!! (Through two or three sittings...that is sort of like moderation, right?) Today is banana sundae day, because I saw a recipe in the tv guide and now I MUST HAVE IT. Damn cravings...all I want is dairy and chocolate...nearly bought a thing of chocolate milk at the grocery store this morning, until I realized I am not 5 years old.

      I think my previous posts felt a bit whiny. Or maybe I just felt a bit whiny. It is hard to know sometimes. I am not so good with the feels.

      My BP has always been low at every doc appointment ever (even the OH.MY.GOD.I.AM.GOING.TO.BE.LATE.RUN! appointments). As in stand up and faint low. Watching it rise up where it has never been made me nervous, especially since everything I read made it sound like it should stay low during the first half of pregnancy. But I realized (especially typing the numbers up from my records) that they really aren't that bad. I think sometimes, if I don't have something to worry about, I will make something up!! I need a new hobby.

      I did go on Pinteterst once, but I didn't really get it so I haven't been back on. (Me: "Pin. Pin. Pin. Now what?"). I may have to go back and have a look now though. I have googled cloth nappies, and attended a workshop (the nappy lady in NZ...great website and I think she has youtube videos too). I am really hoping it works for us, and I am quite excited to try (despite lots of naysayers).

    2. I think any personal account of our lives is bound to feel "whiny" at some point, but to those of us who like reading them, they're not. I feel like I get a peek inside your brain & your life. But that could just be me. :)

      Pinterest is a black hole, but in a good way. I like to cook/bake and it's a great source of recipes. Also if you throw theme parties, that is totally your place to be. They have a category for kids/parenting that I've been spending a lot of time on. There is a large faction of users who pins things and never does anything with it. But, like, I make a lot of the recipes I pin, and then I go back and notate them with my results. I like to think I'm a good Pinterest citizen.

      Maybe Pinterest could be your new hobby? :)

    3. It does sound like a more relaxing hobby than reading pre-e stories. Sounds like you are a great Pinterest citizen! I may have to give it a go...once I get my lab results back (they will be normal, they will be normal...) and can function like a non-obsessive google nerd.

      About the "whiny", I think you are right!