Sunday, 3 May 2015

29 Weeks **Updated at the bottom

...In less than 5 hours.  I think I can safely jump the gun on this one.

Not much to report, except the gas (the poor, poor Moose...) and heartburn (seriously??  everything I eat!!  Small meals, large meals, bland food, EVERYTHING...damnitall!).

No test results yet.  The midwife said she would call with them (or text, as she usually does), but I haven't heard from her, so I will text her tomorrow and hopefully it is just a case of her being too busy to pass on the good news that I will have passed everything.  Hopefully she has been up to her elbows in vaginas. 

The midwife also arranged another ultrasound, and the radiology department sent my appointment which I need to call to confirm...only somewhere, between the mailbox and the sofa, the Moose lost it.  Without having opened it to read the date.  Can't find it anywhere.  So I will get to call them tomorrow as well, which should be fun because they are rude as hell on the phone.  I bet they will love paging through each day of appointments in their book (yes, it seems this is how they do it), looking for me.

I've had a repeat of my dream Braxton-Hicks.  Or something.  All I know is it hurt like hell, but it must have been a dream, because I would have been up and googling shit had it been real.  

Tomorrow is the last day of harvest too, THANKGOD.  Not sure I can take much more. 


The midwife was totally up to her elbows in vaj!  I got a phone call last night at 9pm as I was heading off to bed.  The good news: all my scary labwork came back normal.  The less good news: I failed the glucose challenge test.  I take the glucose tolerance test tomorrow.  I am not worried about this at all.  I have gained weight slowly and steadily despite eating plenty of naughty foods (yes, hate me, I am fine with that...I know karma, that bitch will come around and smack me with a massive weight gain late in the game...or GD now...).  Also bubs is measuring two weeks behind, SGA not LGA, so to me it seems unlikely that I have GD.  If I do turn out to have GD, the diet alone will probably drop me back at my pre-pregnancy weight before I deliver.  And while I know it probably doesn't work this way, if GD could cause bubs to gain a bit more...well...that would probably be a good thing at this stage.  Even if I have to kiss my salted caramel sauce on vanilla ice cream goodbye. 


  1. I have been told that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your kid is born with. Not sure if it's true, but maybe you're little girl will come out with lots and lots of hair!