Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My water addiction

I have a theory.  I am a water addict not a pre-eclamptic. 

Apparently if you drink too much fluid, you increase the proteins in your urine (according to Dr Google).  And I have always drank a lot of water.  Most normal days, I drink between 2 and 3 liters of water.  This doesn't count any coffee, tea, fizzy drinks (if I drink them), juice, or my more recent thing, milk shakes and breakfast drinks.  So maybe in the course of a normal day, I could easily pound 4 to 5 liters.  And in the summer it is more (I do work outside), and I can drink 3-4 liters just at work. the days leading up to hospitalization, I had been drinking a bit (a shit ton) more than I probably needed to, considering I was just chilling around the house and not actually at work.  So maybe that explains the high PCR that sent me to the hospital, and the fact that it dropped so quickly once I was there.

However, there are a few flaws in this theory.  They didn't test my PCR after they started the fluid restrictions, so really, I hadn't cut down that much on fluid by that time.  Also, I am always like this, and proteins haven't shown up in my wees before.

On the other hand, I have dropped a kilo or two (if the hospital scale and my home scale are in agreement, which they may not be), and the swelling has definitely gone down.  I still get sock imprints on my ankles (or cankles), and my wedding ring is tighter than pre-pregnancy (but not as tight as sausage finger night a few weeks ago), and I think my face is looking less puffy.  All this from restricting my fluid intake to 2 liters a day?

Apart from the obvious reason why I would love this theory to be correct, I kind of need to not have any pregnancy complications right now, because we are having cat complications.

Big Ginge is back.  The Moose is not good at remembering to lock up the cat food at night, and the two nights we were away plus the two nights I wasn't home to lock the food up have reminded that big bastard that he can get a free feed.  So he and Cleo have been scrapping, and Cleo took a bite to the rump (which I found five minutes after arriving home).  Thankfully it hasn't abscessed, but I took her to the vet anyway because it is no fun having a cone-head.  So a few injections and twice daily pills later...

And that brings us to Toffs.  The Moose can't express her bladder (he is too kind and can't dish out the tough love), so while he tried (and lived to tell the tale), he was unsuccessful while I was away.  And I have been struggling for awhile with her, if I am honest.  She tenses up and has the ab muscles of a body-builder, and I can tell lately that she is in some pain when I express her.  So, today was her day to go to the vet.  Thankfully she has no infections, but she does have blood in her urine, which is probably the result of stress.  The vets reckon it is because of the pregnancy...I think it is more likely to be Big Ginge.  Either way, we are changing her diet and giving her medicine now.

So...not only do I have to keep my own meds straight (ahem...had to count all the pills yesterday to figure out if I had taken any at lunch), I need to pill Cleo twice a day and put anti-inflammatory liquid on Toffs food and make sure she eats it once a day.  As well as keeping track of how much water I drink, I need to make sure I am slowly switching their food over to this fancy and ridiculously expensive food!!  And I have to take care of Big Ginge...

So, if my theory could just be right, and things stay nice and calm with no proteins and good bubs growth...that would be awesome.  Now, time for my next 325ml of water.  


  1. I feel you on the water thing. i'm a big water drinker (it's kind of a joke around the office - I even take my refillable bottle into restaurants because I never go anywhere without it). Right now I'm drinking about 15 8 oz. glasses of pure water a day, plus another 2 of hot lemon water, plus another 2 of decaf coffee, and often another 2 of herbal tea and then 1 to 2 of milk. I AM ALL BEVERAGE, ALL OF THE TIME.

    I am sorry you are in ailing pet world. It's never easy when the furbabies aren't well.

    I hope for some peace and stability in your world. When do you go for your next check?

    1. I am salivating over your beverages! I always carried around a water bottle too...not anymore.

      The cats at least will be fine, but I would prefer to be here for at least a week to make sure they each finish their course of meds. Looking at them, you wouldn't think they were bothered by anything.

      Off to see the midwife in about 15 minutes for the monitoring appointment (apparently this counts as the second one since they did a ctg Monday morning before discharging me from the hospital), and then my next ultrasound is Tuesday. I should in theory meet with the midwife Monday before the ultrasound for the usual appointment, but I wonder if she will want to put it off until the ultrasound is done. Guess I will find out!