Monday, 25 May 2015

Back to the hospital...

Only this time we get to do the 3.5 hour drive in the aftermath of a snow storm.  Ack.  I was going to post pictures of the snow, but that will have to wait.

Blood pressure is high again and 2+ protein with a 3 kg weight gain overnight, so I am too risky to stay home at the moment (being at said distance from the hospital).  Hopefully the result will be the same as last time...a few nights with little sleep and bad food and then home with bubs still in the oven.

If not, then hey, I am 32 weeks.  Today.  That is not too terribly bad.

Ok, gots to hit the road before the slush turns to ice.


  1. drive safely! wishing you and bubs the best. and clarity from medical staff..

  2. Much support and many good wishes to all of you.

  3. So I already know how this story ends. Just really happy that everything turned out well!