Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Week off!!

The rest of the week, that is.  I worked Monday.  That is the magical thing about working in agriculture.  Once all the bustle of harvest is over, there is a bit of down time.  There is still work, but it isn't necessary for all of us to be there.  And taking bird nets off vines is hard work not overly fit for pregnancy.  At least not pregnancy at 29 weeks.  The Moose should get Thursday and Friday off, provided he can finish the nets on the vineyard he is working in now.  We will head to the city to do some more bubs shopping, and bring his mum back with us for the weekend.  That is the plan anyway.

I did my glucose tolerance test today.  It wasn't so bad as the challenge test, or at least I didn't have much of a sugar high.  Time passed quick and then it was done!  Now I just wait and see I guess.  I turned on the computer for the express purpose of searching for a salted caramel cheesecake recipe (and promptly got distracted).  Potential last naughty food for a while must be something I love, and I love cheesecake, even if I probably only eat it once a year.  The Moose will eat most of it anyway.  So long as I don't mention the "salt" in the caramel, because that freaks him out for some reason.

So...baby names....


We haven't gotten very far on this.  For lots of reasons, but mostly we just don't agree on many.  I have this thing about very popular names, and while I really do like a lot of the names making the top 10 (or 25, or 50) these days, I just don't want to do that to our little girl.  My name was in the top 10 back in the day, and there are so many of us...case in point: there are 8 couples in our antenatal class...and 3 out of 8 of us ladies have the same name.  Spelled the same too.  I HATE it.  I don't mind my name itself, I just hate that every other girl has the same name!!  The Moose, who also has a name that is fairly common amongst his age group, doesn't seem to get it. 

Anyway, Kate can keep Charlotte for the new princess.  That name was never in the running because it is so popular already.  It is a nice name, but no.  No Olivia, Emma, Ava...I can't even remember what else. 

For the record, I don't want an unusual name either.  No strange spellings, blended names, none of that.  Something normal, classic, and where maybe she won't be one of six in her class. 


  1. I so hear you on the name thing. The name we have earmarked for a boy is one that I've loved for more than a decade, long before it became trendy. I'm so conflicted. I feel like if we end up using it, the kid will be Trendy Named and not Name I've Loved for 14+ Years.

    So glad you get a break! Sounds like you've earned it. :)

    1. That must be even harder to think about when it has been for favorite name for so long! I always thought boys names were way harder than girls names. I think there must (MUST) be more names for girls out in the world than there are for boys. Or maybe just more that I like? Not sure, but I think we are lucky we are having a girl because I was at such a loss for boys names!!

  2. Sofia....you missed Sofia in your list lol. Yes, names are hard. There was a rumour that the royal baby would be given our daughter's name, and it just curdled my guts. No no no no and no! (In our research I did learn that her name is more popular in the UK than in north America, but I didn't imagine a princess with the same name.) Luckily it didn't happen. I'm still relieved. LOL. We too avoided top 10 names. The thing is you don't know if the not-so-trendy name you give now will be trendy later. Although we didn't choose a top 10 or 50 (is a top 100 depending on the list) we are part of a trend in that we gave a classic name. So it could trend later. Whatever. Good luck!

    1. Sofia or Sophie...both are so cute too!! I think they were really predicting Alice over Charlotte for the princess, but at least you could have claimed to have used it first!! But yeah, it is hard to know what will become popular in the next year or two, and those of us looking outside the top 25 will probably just catapult number 74 to the top 10 by trying for something classic but not uber trendy!