Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hey there ugly shoe *Updated

I wanted to find the ugliest shoe in the world.  There is a problem though.  There are too many to choose from.  Ones that look like lobster claws (only snakeskin, naturally), some blend of an Ugg and a Croc (so that is what they would spawn if you left them alone in the closet), some fish sandal (seriously, like a flounder with the thongy bit), and some scary set of spiky heels with TEETH.  I couldn't choose which ugly shoe most resembles that shoe hanging above my head.  But google "ugliest shoe in the world" and check out the images.  It is worth it.

My blood pressure was 150/100, on the third attempt, after I had been sent off to go do something else for awhile.  And that was the lowest.  I don't know what it had been up to, I was afraid to ask.  At least my urine is clean.  But the midwife is coming to my house tomorrow to check everything again and discuss.  She took more bloods (and left me with a good bruise).  And turns out the Maternal Serum Screen was a mistake (not sure how?), although she is curious to see the results now. 

Bubs is still measuring small.  Her growth may have fallen off a bit, but we have to wait for the official ultrasound report to be sure.  She seems to have enough fluid, the umbilical flow looked good, her heart rate is fine, but we are measuring 2 weeks behind on average.  Ultrasounds will be continuing into the future.

Either way, I am being referred to a specialist.  In the city 3 and a half hours away.  My midwife will continue to be my LMC, but I suppose the specialist will decide what to do with me.  And I think I can safely kiss the birth center one town over goodbye.

So I am not feeling like that other shoe has dropped.  Not yet.  But it has definitely lowered a tiny bit. 

Update:  Official ultrasound report is that bubs has grown appropriately.  She may be small, but she is still growing at a good rate!  Grow bubs, Grow!!


  1. wow, I googled and those are some ugly-ass shoes. I couldn't pick the ugliest either. I'm so sorry the ugly shoe is still hanging over your head. It's good you are being monitored and cared for but sheesh, why can't it just be easy. I hope you can focus on the positive and stay mostly calm till the specialist comes up with a plan.

    1. So ugly!! I think I will have nightmares about the ones with the teeth!! I think I used up all my panic and anxiety the other day, I am feeling surprisingly calm, and I think once there is a plan, that will help too. And just knowing that they are watching helps so much. These things don't usually turn bad in places with monitoring and good facilities and stuff. And whenever I feel anxious, I think I will just look at the ugly shoes again. But not the ones with the teeth.

    2. good for you! and yay for a growing bubs!

  2. So glad bubs is growing appropriately! Your family has a history of small babies, right?

    My BP has been high too. But they're taking me off estrogen today and seeing if it goes down. Fingers crossed. Did you get the protein pee strips off Amazon? That might make you feel less nervous.

    For a shoe to drop, this one ain't so bad. :)

    1. We do have a history of small babies, so odds are hopefully good that this bubs is just constitutionally small.

      I haven't ordered the protein pee strips...I found a lab that sold them but shipping cost more than the strips and I think my peace of mind has a price limit...maybe. I will look on amazon and see what it would cost. Might make me less nervous, might make me more obsessive...not sure, but it is hard too get too worried with a little foot wedged into one's ribs.

      Good luck with going off the estrogen, hope your BP behaves itself! Just the high BP on its own is easy enough to deal with, there are plenty of meds for that, and hopefully neither of us will have to deal with anything more!!

      Yes, not too bad of a shoe. But did you google ugliest shoe in the world?? Seriously, do it!