Thursday, 21 May 2015

First monitoring appointment

Bubs behaved herself for the CTG and didn't hide too much!  She is doing great still!  My blood pressure was 135/90, which is at least below 140/90.  They have been happy for it to be where it is anyway. 

My midwife knew about as much as I did regarding my hospitalization, so that was fun.  Hopefully she can track down a discharge report, and find out if the hospital is now arranging my ultrasounds (they did this upcoming one), and when I have to go back to meet with the specialist again.  And whatever else I couldn't tell her. 

Just waiting now on the results from today's urine and bloods.  Will update when I have them.  If it is anything like last week, they will be in tomorrow.  I am debating whether to pack a bag now just in case.  Or at least get a few things done off my to do list. 

So it does sound like if my blood pressure stays down and the other test results don't show anything getting worse, that we will induce at 38 weeks.  Sooner, of course, if Bubs or I start to have problems.  Which means that in just over 6 weeks (or less), there will be a baby.  That has totally blown my mind.  I think it just hasn't seemed all that real. 

Part of that is the fact that I don't feel overly pregnant.  Bubs is active, and moves around quite a bit, but I think I have gotten used to it, and since she rarely causes any actual pain or discomfort with her movements, it is easy to overlook it.  I can still bend over to clip my toe nails.  I can still see my feet.  I am not waddling.  In fact, the boss's wife asked me today if I had already had the baby.  From this pregnancy, I can totally see how some women never know they are pregnant.  Well, that was never an option for me (regular cycles and psychotic peeing on sticks and all), but I kind of get it. 

6 weeks or less until bubs!!  EEK!  There is so much work to do!!  Well, so many things I want to do.  My nesting urge is there, it just isn't enough to get me off the sofa most days.  So I guess it is a good thing that I am not allowed to work anymore.  My midwife has banned me.  I have a certificate.  I am not on any kind of strict bed rest (or I wasn't told I am anyway), so I think I can still clean the house and potter around.  Of course now I am cuddling Toffs, which is totally productive.  Apparently I can apply for some sort of financial assistance, so I don't need to start my maternity leave early.


  1. ZOMG, six weeks?!? That's, like, no time at all! Are you okay? How is Moose doing?

    1. I KNOW!! Six weeks is nothing!! Of course, being stuck at home and unable to work may make it drag a bit...but since there is that whole "induction could happen anytime" thing, maybe it won't drag at all. I've got plenty to do to keep me busy anyway. I think the Moose is starting to get excited, but I don't think it has really hit him yet. Probably won't until bubs is here (or imminent!).