Thursday, 14 May 2015

Houston, we have protein...

Yup.  My beautiful specimen of wee, so promisingly clear a sign of my wonderful hydration levels, has proven to have protein lurking about.  Stupid dipsticks not picking it up. 

The midwife won't call it pre-eclampsia, but I am sitting around now waiting for the specialist to call (because it is his or her job to diagnose I guess).  The midwife did say she believes my "hypertensive issues" will get worse.  So, yeah, might as well call it. 

I have cussed, and cried, and might do a bit more of both.  It is too fucking early for this.  Fine, if I am going to get this shit, let it wait until I am 37 weeks.  30 weeks 3 days is too early.  How long can we keep this bun in the oven before the oven starts to burn out??  This is a game of chicken I don't want to play! 

But on the bright side, bubs was doing well on that last ultrasound, and my liver and kidney functioning tests turned out fine.  That is more important than the protein.  So long as she keeps growing and those bad boys keep working...

...and on that note, I would like to add an apology to my liver for the abuse it took during my partying days.  Dude.  Sorry.  Please keep functioning.

...and to my kidneys...since I abused you far worse with bad nutrition and you paid me in kind with a kidney stone some 15 years ago, well, I think we have settled our differences and have lived a peaceful and fulfilling life together.  I drink an enormous amount of water for you.  I may not always watch my sodium content so well as I should, but when I do eat salty food, I drink more water.  We are totally good now.   Right?  Keep on rocking wit your bad selves.  Please. 

And now we wait for the specialist and to find out what is what and what we are going to do about it.  I will post again then.  In the meantime Cleo knows I am feeling shitty and has come to sit next to me on the couch and purr.  Or to dry off by the fire because she got caught outside in the rain.  I prefer to think her motives are selfless.  


  1. i am sorry.
    yes, this is worrisome.
    BUT, you are catching it early and both control is possible 9at least slowing progression) and steroid shots for lungs are possible. Though it will not be fun for the next few weeks. But you are early in knowing and this does help.
    Parenting takes courage and you have courage and strength and a good partner and lots of people from all over sending good wishes and support.

  2. hugs. You and Bubs will weather this. Sending good thoughts! And hoping your liver and kidneys listen.

  3. Checking in... How are you doing? I saw you're being admitted. I'm sure this is scary. Breathe deeply and know that you are being taken care of. Hang in there!