Wednesday, 13 May 2015


The Moose had arranged for an electrician to come over around 8 this morning.

Moose (leaving for work): "No fraternizing with the electrician."

Me: "I don't fraternize with anyone."

The midwife was going to drop off her son at 8 and head over to retake my blood pressure.  When I hopped on the scale this morning (as I have been doing every morning), it was up at least a kilo and a half, maybe as much as 2 kg (I can see past my boobs and bump, I just can't quite tell which little line the thing is pointing to).  I don't seem to have much swelling, my clothes fit fine, and I haven't eaten a ton in the past few days, so maybe just a little backed up?  I think I did drink about 5-6 litres of water yesterday...  Of course I will mention this to the midwife...

...except the world's chattiest electrician arrives first and is up a ladder working on a light when the midwife arrives.  Perhaps I should have asked the midwife to come into another room, but honestly, not much point.  Our house is small and not exactly sound proof.  So I don't mention the weight gain, but I did fess up to the low-grade headache I've had for awhile (head cold, allergies, tension??), and I did get to pee in a cup to have a sample sent away (in the privacy of my own bathroom, the electrician was not there for that at least and proving how well hydrated I am, the sample was nearly clear).  Blood pressure is still high at 150/95.  The midwife is going to chase down the blood work she took yesterday, and get back to me.  I will be referred to a specialist.  How quickly depends on the results of the blood and urine test.  If those turn out not so good I will be in the big city tomorrow or the next day.  Otherwise it will be in a week or so.  Just have to wait and see. 

So I copy my passport for the midwife (with all my residence details so I don't have to pay for anything with the referral), and while I am doing this the electrician starts chatting away to her (his sister is a midwife in the big city).  The midwife takes the papers and leaves.

Then this happens:

Electrician:  "'re pregnant?"

Me (glance at inadequate sized bump):  "Yeah, nearly 8 months."

Electrician:  "Wow!  You don't look it!"

Me <sigh>

Electrician goes on to say I am fit, healthy, etc etc.  Finally I figure what the hell, he has already sat through my midwife appointment, he may as well hear my medical history (after all, I am sharing it publicly here).

Me:  "The baby is measuring small and I have developed high blood pressure."

Electrician:  "You know I've had a bit of a headache lately too.  I think there is just something going around."

Me:  (thinking to myself but nearly said it out loud: "You probably don't have pre-eclampsia") Out loud: "Yeah, hope that is all it is."

Electrician:  "If you want a second opinion my sister is a midwife."

Me (OHGOODGOD):  "I'm getting a referral because this could develop into a serious condition and my midwife is very cautious.  She is very good."

Electrician:  "Wow, you seem really calm about this."

Me:  "Yeah...."

And then, after a few hours of chatting about politics, small town life, and everything else under the sun as three new lights are installed and 5 switch plates replaced, the electrician leaves his jersey behind.  So hopefully the Moose doesn't suspect any fraternizing if the guy doesn't come back to get it. 

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