Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The midwife cometh


Last night I got a call about 6pm.  The midwife was just down the road (back from birthing two babies) and wondered if she could come by.  Of course I said yes, and the appointment took place. 

She isn't worried at all about the bubs measuring small, but since I was worried, she is going to arrange for me to have a scan in 4 weeks (for my "peace of mind" which made me feel like a paranoid crazy lady for a few minutes until I thought, hey, free scan).  The heartbeat was strong and the Moose got to hear it, and the bubs was moving around.  She is happy with my weight gain, so obviously I need to settle down about that and stop panicking when the scale seems stuck.  It will go up sometime.

Probably sometime very soon.

Today was a rough day at work.  There are two things in the vineyard that I have to do this time of year.  One of those is supervising people dropping fruit that won't ripen in time, which is boring but reasonably slow paced and easy.  Mostly I just walk up and down checking work and snipping off whatever they miss.  BORING.  Especially with my boss's check every vine policy.  The other thing is weighing bunches of fruit to get an estimate for harvest yield.  That is a bit harder.  It involves a lot of walking with a bucket in hand that grows heavier and heavier (but honestly, not heavier than 2.5kg, it is a small bucket and I only carry up to 25 bunches at a time).  A lot of walking.  Constant walking.  It doesn't take much time to stop and cut a bunch off.  Up hills, down hills, along flats on uneven ground.  By lunch today my bump hurt.  HURT.  Getting in and out of the car was awkward and a little painful (I use the car as a bench to do the weighing, because it is much better than getting up and down from the ground, but it means I have to move the car along as I go or carry a heavy bucket farther and farther).  I have to do the same thing again tomorrow, but then that should be it.  Bunch weights will be done for the year.  And in a few weeks harvest will start, and life will be full on until it is over. 

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