Monday, 13 October 2014

Back from the diner...

Aunt Flo arrived last night, and I think now I am over the worst of it.  Or at least I hope so, because tomorrow I am going tramping for a few days, and the first day is going to be the hardest.  But the cramping is nearly gone (yay for good pain pills!), and while I am still bleeding a bit on the heavy side, I can't imagine there is much left in there.  I hope.

The doctor took a blood test, but I think it may have been too late.  My temp dropped Sunday morning and I was bleeding Sunday night, so I don't think getting my blood taken Monday at noon will prove too terribly informative.  The nurse jabbed me pretty hard too.  I might actually get a bruise. 

And I got my referral today!  My weight is down enough that with the signed approval of a dietitian I can get a subsidised consult and begin subsidised testing!  Any costs out of pocket will be minimal, and will probably just be travel related (as in a 3 hour drive).  I still have to lose about 5 kilos before they will do any treatments, but I am guessing the wait list to actually get the consult will give me enough time that by the end of testing I should be ready.  And I bet I will lose about 2 kilos just from this tramp! 


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