Saturday, 25 October 2014

When in Rome...

My little sister is awesome.  Don't tell her, she will get a big head.  But she is amazing.  Not only did she send me a nice email offering to listen if I wanted to talk (I resisted sending her a reply about cervical mucous since I think she was meaning more about the emotional side of this whole thing), but she also sent me this:

A replica of an ancient Roman fertility charm, circa 100-300 AD.  It is supposed to improve your fertility and/or masculinity.  Hopefully I will grow a baby not a mo.  But the most awesome part is that I now have a cock and balls charm.  I would wear it everyday, but I am afraid of losing it (it is a bit on the small side, no pun intended...ok, maybe pun intended).  For xmas last year my Mom gave me a necklace with a locket that holds charms symbolizing the members of your family (me, hubbs, and our 2 cats), so I could put it in there.  But I don't really get to wear jewelry all that often.  I am too afraid of losing it at work, and after work...well...I am a bit of a homebody.  Or recluse.  Don't judge.

And if a Roman fertility charm isn't enough, I also won a coffee mug from the Life of Caesar podcast, which I reviewed on itunes.  I am a history nerd, I love all things Roman, and now I get two things Roman!!!

It's been a good week.  It's also sexy time week, as ovulation is impending.  And during this week, Cleo does her best to cock block.  She beats us to bed, and proceeds to take up a solid third of the bed, and then purrs and looks so cute we can't kick her out.  And only on nights of scheduled bonking.  Of course, she is so sleepy she doesn't mind if the bed is a-rockin', and we try around her.


  1. that charm is awesome! happy sexy week; I hope cat (kind of) cooperates.

    1. Thanks! My sis got it from Golden Artifacts on Amazon Marketplace. I think the cat may have seen my blog because she has parked it on the bed and spent most of the day sleeping there rather than in her usual daytime sleeping haunts...