Friday, 2 January 2015


Went to the loo last night, and guess what?  Blood.  Oh goody.  And not just old brown blood (although there was that), but also some pretty bright pink blood.  Just on the toilet paper, but more than all the other spotting I had around week 5 combined.  A few days before I passed one small black clot, but since it wasn't followed by more I didn't really worry about it.  Until last night. 

And it isn't just the blood (which seems to have stopped and may have just been a one-off...a non-sexytimes related one-off), but also some cramping.  Not too severe, but enough to make me nervous.  Thankfully that seems to be disappearing now too. 

I know this just happens sometimes, and it doesn't really mean that something is wrong, but now that ultrasound on the 13th of January can't get here fast enough.  The risk of miscarriage is low, I know that.  Odds are more than good this pregnancy will continue.  Lots of women have bleeding, and the cramping could just be an expanding uterus (pushing that beer gut out).  I have already rationalized the fear away.  But that first moment of seeing that blood, my heart nearly stopped and all I could think was oh fuck.


  1. Uck. How stressful! glad to hear it appears to be a one-off. I hope you have no more worries between now and ultrasound!

  2. Behind on my blog reading but catching up. So glad that it is likely nothing. I can only imagine how scary!