Saturday, 17 January 2015

Conversations with a Moose

The Moose is putting Rawhide on TV.  I am on the sofa reading. 

Moose:  "How bout rounding up some steers?"  (steers pronounced as stairs, or near enough in the Kiwi accent)

Tiggy:  (still reading book)  "Go ahead, there are some stairs just behind you."  (points vaguely in the direction of the stairs)

Moose:  (giving the smile that says Tiggy is so gonna get it)  "I said steers" (still pronounced stairs) "as in...baaaaaaahhhhh"  (sound is vaguely like a sheep).

Tiggy:  (puts down book)  "What?"

Moose:  (louder and more confidant)  "Baaaaahhhhhh!"

Tiggy:  "...I didn't know stairs sounded like sheep."

Moose:  (thinks for a minute)  "Moooaaaaahhhhhhhh"  (if you could cross a sheep and a cow, this is the sound you would get).

Tiggy:  (picks book back up).  "Sounds like a cow in sheep's clothing."

Moose:  (sheepish (ha, see what I did there?))"I'm not a farmer."

Tiggy:  "Obviously."

And the great tragedy is not that the Moose will have to learn what sounds animals make along with his child, but that I missed the opportunity to make good old fashioned kiwi sheep shagging jokes!

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