Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

I managed to stay awake until 9pm last night (pretty good since I had been up from 4:30am).  It has been a few years since I have been to a New Year's Eve party, or even tried to stay up to see in the New Year.  On that note, I have no resolutions, no thoughts really on the past is really just another day.

When I was a child (and even a bit older) I used to think the holiday season so magical, so romantic and glamorous.  Fancy parties and presents and special foods.  And fun.

I still enjoy the holidays (mostly having two days off two weeks in a row), but really they are just another couple of days.  Next year, hopefully with a 5 month old, we will start some new traditions, maybe bring some magic back into it.  The holidays of my youth really weren't anything fancy, in retrospect, but they were certainly special. 

I spent much of the Christmas holiday sleeping or reading.  My sister sent me a Snoogle and I love it.  LOVE it.  Mr. Snoogs and I are inseparable.  The mother in law was up over Christmas.  She is in her mid 80s, can't see very well and is a bit hard of hearing too.  She is friendly and kind but not very talkative and spends most her time sitting quietly.  This long weekend it is just me and the Moose, and I intend to get shit done since I spent last weekend doing nothing.  If I can bear separation from Mr. Snoogs. 

So I am sitting at 11.5 weeks or so today.  And not feeling much different really.  I had gone off food over Christmas but I am hungry again now, now that I have missed out on chocolates and Christmas cookies and other good Christmas foods.  Still no weight gained, but boy howdy is my beer gut looking rather magnificent.  Before I would bloat up for a few hours, but the tum would always return to normal, and I could suck it in.  Now, not so much.  Now, I have a FUPA.  Oh well.  I think anyone who knew we were trying will be starting to suspect soon, but strangers on the street will just think I loves me my beers.  My mom sent me some maternity jeans and a top, but I had best hope that I am all belly because there isn't all that much extra room in the thighs of those jeans.  Maybe if I start wearing them now they will stretch with me.  The jeans I normally wear are Levis 525 perfect waist, since they don't gap in the back (I have a booty), and they stretch a bit and will accommodate the beer gut a bit longer, so I don't really need to be in the maternity jeans just yet...but maybe in a couple of weeks.

Next week I've got a meeting with my midwife, and the week after is the next ultrasound.  After that, we may go "facebook public".  As it is now, we have told quite a few people, but we told them to keep it on the down low for now, so who knows how many people actually know.  I don't care if people do know, but it is nice not having questions and advice hurled at me, and I suspect that will happen soon.  Not sure if we will do any sort of funny announcement, but maybe...probably not.  I am nothing if not lazy. 

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