Saturday, 15 November 2014

Going Dutch

I have a midwife.  My doctor recommended her when I asked which of the three that cover this area are scientific minded no-nonsense drill sergeant types.  The doc said "She is great, even though she's Dutch."  Which of course I thought was a hilarious thing to say.  Dutch midwife has lots of good reviews online too.  From her email, I don't think she will be the type to tell me its all rainbows and unicorn farts.  Anyway, she will give me a call next week.

So tomorrow marks 5 weeks.  I haven't vomited yet, but man I've come close.  Everything is making me queasy today.  I am pretty tired, but I've been sleeping well.  The cramps are less and less frequent and don't seem to last very long when they happen.  I am sore though, like I've been hiking or running or something, and I haven't been.  Boobs are sore sometimes, mostly around the sides and really only noticeable if touched.

Since I spent the morning getting things I put off all week done, I think I may spend the rest of the afternoon slacking.  I should clean the house, but I might put that off until tomorrow!  And Toffs is sleeping on a pile of clothes on the floor, and I don't want to disturb her by cleaning up her new found bed.  

That's about it.  If I had anything else to say, I've forgotten it.


  1. sounds like the pregnancy is going well! yay! nausea is a good sign although not fun for sure....

    1. Yup, so far so good! I am hopeful!