Saturday, 22 November 2014

(smacks face with palm)

I wasn't feeling so well at work yesterday.  Very light-headed and extremely tired.  The sun had finally come out and I was over dressed and hot, and it had been a long walk to the part of the vineyard we were working in and the walk nearly did me in!  So I talked to the senior supervisor I work with (M) and told him I didn't think I could work on the hill block of the next vineyard we were to go to, told him I wasn't feeling well, etc.

He said that was fine, he was going to have the guys do the hill and keep the girls on the flats anyway.  He asked if I needed to go home, I said I was fine and would try to stick it out.  As I went into my own row to work, he commented that my face was very red (and I didn't look so good).

"I don't have sunscreen on," was my reply (I don't burn if it is cloudy, which it had been all day up to this point).  "And I am not walking all the way back to the car to put some on and come all the way back over here."

M said that G, the boss and owner of the vineyard we were working in (who is known for being grumpy), would appreciate my dedication.  Which I decided he should be informed of.

"Tell G I'm burning for him."

Five second delay to realise what I just said (and very near to G's house too), followed by "No!  Not what I meant!  SUNburning!" to a chorus of laughter from those with a good grasp of the English language.

The good news:  G probably didn't hear, and the clouds came back and I didn't burn.


  1. hahahaha! that is a good story. everybody needs a laugh sometimes. I think most embarrassing thing I ever said was to a student. We were changing activities, and one fellow was a bit slow to get ready, so I said something to hurry him up. He replied, "Just give me a sec" (second). I said, No problem - I'm very generous with my secs!" A millisecond later realized what I said. Luckily most of them didn't "get it!"

    1. Ha! That is a good one! We are shoot thinning at the vineyard now, which involves removing shoots to make the vines less crowded (a little more technical than that but that is the gist). I haven't done it this year, but last year, whenever someone would ask me if they should keep a particular shoot or not, and if they needed to remove it, I kept saying "Just whack it off". I couldn't seem to stop myself from saying it! Thankfully most of the people I work with are backpackers and English is not their first language, so they don't usually get it!