Monday, 3 November 2014

I have the best alarm clock in the world...

My fuzzy alarm clock is generally pretty good.  About half an hour before the real alarm clock is set to go off, Cleo, who sleeps between my knees or feet, wanders up to the head of the bed and purrs.  It is hard to get angry at such a cute alarm clock, and I feel no urge to smack her for a snooze button (my really alarm clock gets a beat down if it actually gets a chance to go off).  So we have cuddles (and I take my bbt) until one minute before the real alarm clock is to go off, at which point I switch it off and get up, and Cleo gets up with me.

There are a few variations on this.  Sometimes she wakes me up only 15 minutes before the alarm is set to go off.  This is the best case scenario, and when she gets into this routine, she can be quite accurate.  There is also the "there's no food in my dish and I'm starving" which involves being very, very insistent and a little bit violent in the cuddles.  I get a few more love bites than usual.  Or maybe she is taste testing me.  Then there are the times when she gets her time off.  As in she wakes me up closer to 4am (on occasion 3am) rather than 5:30am.  Often when I stop the cuddles she goes back to bed, or decides she is brave enough to leave the room on her own.  I may or may not get a second wake up.

Then there is the "my cat is a weirdo" which often happens if I am sleeping too deeply to be awoken by the purrs.  This is when I get my eyeball licked.  Or, if a foot is sticking out of the blankets, my toe sucked.  Yes, Cleo will suck toes.  She does fingers too, but having a cat sucking on your toes will wake you up like nothing else!  And the fangs are sort of in her way so you get nibbled too.  Pull your foot back under the blankets too quickly and you may get pounced upon.  Sometimes alarm clocks are dangerous.

This morning I got the whole thing.  Woken up at 4am, then again at 5:15 (alarm set for 5:45am), the second time by having my eyeball licked, and when I went to get up, she got my toe, and when I quickly pulled my foot back under the blanket, I got attacked.  I figured the food bowls must be empty, but no.  Plenty of food. 

And then, when squinting at a pee stick (because by the time I went to bed last night I was convinced I must be pregnant, but at 9dpo, the hpt disagreed this morning), Cleo decided to use my right leg as a scratching post.

Clearly I exist solely for Cleo's entertainment.
I would question if she had a foot fetish, but there was a (big) beetle in my work boot.  So maybe she just doesn't have much of a sense of smell. 


  1. We had to lock our cats out of our bedroom. 5am wake ups are not okay! ;)

    P.S. Hi!

    1. Hi! Thankfully most mornings she only wakes me up about 15 min before the alarm, but she may be responsible for a few odd bbts! I don't think I could lock her out though...her squeaky pathetic meow outside the door would break my heart. And I would probably need to get an actual lock, because she is pretty good at figuring out how to open doors!